The Mason Group

It takes one to know one

The Mason Group combines recruiting industry tenure with finance and accounting specialists to match financial professionals to the right positions and to the right clients. The Partners and Search Consultants with The Mason Group represent countless years of recruitment experience, along with having worked in areas such as public accounting, financial planning and analysis, reporting, internal audit, investment banking, and tax prior to joining the recruitment industry.

While some recruitment agencies attempt to cover all recruitment touch points from marketing and communications to logistics (amongst others), The Mason Group focuses unilaterally on the finance and accounting sphere, providing above par service, deep rooted industry connections, and a strong focus on the clients’ bottom line. To accomplish this, a high percentage of The Mason Group’s staffers have a background in finance and accounting. This allows them to better understand a candidate’s short- and longterm career goals, skillset and needs, and better match them to the right position in a faster and more efficient process.

With their unique understanding of the marketplace as well as finance and accounting clientele, The Mason Group boasts almost 30 search consultants throughout its three offices across the Greater Toronto Area, including a new location in downtown Toronto. Nestled in the heart of the financial district in the Commerce Court building, like their uptown counterparts the downtown team focuses on providing finance and accounting recruitment services to Canadian and global economic moguls peppered throughout the metropolis’ hustle and bustle locale.

Moreover, The Mason Group services a panoply of industries including financial services, insurance, natural resources, consumer packaged goods, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, IT, real estate and others, due to the fact that, while the verticals may vary, the basic company requirements and applicant’s accounting skillsets are almost fully transferable. The networking processes with The Mason Group begin right after graduation, and search consultants follow these professionals throughout their careers. Over time, a solid trust and strong bond naturally develops between search consultants and accounting professionals. As a result, the combination of this relationship building process, deep industry connections from years of networking and solid bonds make the company a natural choice to fill entry level roles all the way to CFO positions.

In its simplest form, the recruiting business as a whole breaks down into two basic categories: placement agencies and executive search firms. Placement agencies conduct business predicated on volume, merely hoping to secure a position for applicants and trying to provide the best individual to clients. Executive search firms focus on high-level, C-suite executives — COOs, CFOs, CEOs and others. What’s unique about The Mason Group is that the company fills search mandates at all levels and for all salary ranges.

To this, Mitch Goldstein, President of The Mason Group, said, “The main thrust behind what is important when placing finance and accounting professionals is to understand accountants. Most people we hire are CAs, CMAs or CGAs and have worked in finance and accounting. Although we don’t belong clearly into either of the recruiting business categories, we spend a great deal of time identifying our clients’ needs and seeking suitable applicants to fill their gaps – whether it’s for a short-term contract or a long-term basis,” he explained from the boardroom at the company’s North York-based location.

“That’s why the business breaks down into two divisions: contract and permanent. If a client requires an immediate solution, say they need help with their year-end close, have a maternity leave, or require help with a specific project, we are able to provide them that human capital solution. If they desire a long-term placement, we have a strong candidate pipeline to ensure that extended relationship is secured.”

“But it’s our choice of personnel that represents one of the main differentiating factors between us and other agencies. The recruitment business is predicated upon relationships and many of our recruiters come on board with deep industry connections. Clients as well as people seeking job opportunities don’t necessarily want to work with a new consultant at every instance and it’s why continuity at our firm is so important. We work diligently to keep our personnel engaged and because of that, our retention is extremely high compared to the industry standard.

“One of the core elements that separate us from the competition is our belief that we can make an impact on our clients and candidates and assist people with their careers by matching them to the right company. For example, we meet with both clients and candidates, and in doing so, we fully understand a clients’ company culture and how a candidate would fit into that structure. Seldom do we ever hear disappointment from our clients that their placement didn’t work out, or that the candidate left shortly after being hired. Because of this staunch commitment to providing success on both ends, we have a very high ‘fill ratio’ — meaning that we fill a high percentage of the search mandates that we take on.”

Candace Markovich, Partner at The Mason Group, added, “What we personally love doing as accounting professionals is to help increase a company’s profit by marrying finance with operations. Accountants who are able to do this are always in high demand. Our clients are always hunting for these types of professionals and the demand consistently outnumbers the availability of these accountants. What a lot of us enjoy now is finding this talent for our clients. Because we are the type of accountants they are looking for, we can easily recognize that same talent in other accounting professionals with ease. Instead of operating as value driving accountants for one company, we are now operating as value driving recruiters of accounting talent, driving increased profits to numerous companies by finding them the right talent. We feel that it really does take one to know one and it has been the foundation for our success in a highly saturated marketplace.”

The Mason Group focuses on providing services in the GTA, but has also filled positions for clients across southern Ontario, Calgary, and Montreal. The Mason Group adheres to a stringent privacy policy; however the management disclosed that the teams serve companies across the board, starting with smaller organizations with revenues in the $5 million range to Fortune 500s with a global footprint. With its unique approach to recruitment of financial and accounting professionals and a recently launched office in the heart of Canada’s business hub, the management behind The Mason Group plans for continuous growth in the recruiting arena.