The Motorcycle and Moped Industry Council

Representing the motorcycling lifestyle

The Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council (MMIC), originally founded in 1971, is a national, non-profit, trade association that represents the responsible interests of every facet of the motorcycling lifestyle. This includes the representation of major motorcycle and scooter distributors, manufacturers, distributors and retail outlets of motorcycle and scooter related products and services—as well as individual owners and riders in Canada. As a non-profit association, the MMIC is funded entirely by its members, affiliate members, and by the programs and services it offers.

The MMIC acts as a forum to identify and act on issues of importance to the motorcycle and scooter communities. The overall objective of the association is to promote safe and responsible use of motorcycles and scooters in the industry by developing and expanding communication and cooperation among all levels of the motorcycle and scooter community. Through extensive collaborative efforts, the aim is to enhance government relations and public awareness of those initiatives. Government legislation changes affecting members are closely monitored, and necessary representations are made on behalf of MMIC members. The MMIC also acts as a statistical gathering base for the industry, and as a source of information for members. Naturally, the most important mandate is a comprehensive approach to promoting awareness and safety.

Safety and compliance

Safety standards and compliance to regulations are of paramount importance to everybody involved with the MMIC. The council strives to level the playing field for everybody involved, and works in tandem with other organizations such as the Motorcycle Touring Association (MTA) to promote public awareness of safety.

Furthermore, it acts as an information source for those interested in the motorcycling lifestyle. It helps those interested to know what their options are; including what kind of motorcycle is best for them and what are the different kinds of bikes available. They also promote and educate the consumer on proper licensing and training programs, insurance options, and other pertinent information to the community. The MMIC produces and publishes information brochures for the public on subjects such as being a better rider, and a guide to purchasing a bike.

Committees and action plans

For the MMIC at large, meetings are called to deal with specific issues, and the representative members gather to discuss the topic at hand. There are also a number of different committees which operate regularly to deal with other issues. There are broad committees such as such as budget strategy committee, or more subject-specific committees like the MMIC’s technical standards committee. Each committee has subject matter experts involved and a chairperson to moderate the proceedings. So what results from these committees? It is directly from them that a policy or action plan is developed. The committees are the foundation of what makes the MMIC a persuasive, representative body. –another great close

The member network

The MMIC represents a broad range of interests and competing companies. President Bob Ramsay stresses the importance of ensuring a non-partisan approach to dealing with members. Each and every member is represented equally and no particular company is ever favoured.  Comments Ramsay, “by doing that and enduring over many years, you develop a level of trust based on that criteria.  We’ve been very successful with the companies.” It appears so, given that the member companies of the MMIC account for over 90 per cent of new motorcycles and scooters sold in Canada.

Sales have been steadily increasing since the easing of the recent economic downturn. Previously growth was very good, but in 2009 things began to stall with the stagnant economy. This year, however, things are moving forward for the MMIC and sales are on the upswing. “Our dealer network is improved.” says Ramsay, “we are quite excited about the future of this industry.” And indeed, there is more product available through MMIC members than there has ever been before.

National voice of the industry

There is a consistent stream of initiatives that the MMIC has on its agenda. Currently, efforts are being made to try and set up an industry task force concerning rules of importing motorcycles. The goal is to ensure that imported motorcycles comply with the same safety standards as the original equipment manufacturers have to comply with—thus ensuring that retailers are buying a motorcycle that meets all of the Canadian standards.

A strong national voice is a vital part of any industry or sector of the economy. It is that connection between industry and consumer that keeps the sector credible. The MMIC, says Ramsay, is that vital link between both sides. “We work hard to provide that voice.” Policies and regulations benefit both the industry and the consumer—and therefore benefit all Canadians.