The Recycling Council of Alberta

A not-for-profit, non-political organization formed in 1987, the Recycling Council of Alberta was approved as an official charity in 1995. The Recycling Council of Alberta’s mission is to promote and facilitate waste reduction, recycling and resource conservation in the Province of Alberta.
Encouraging policies to facilitate waste reducing, recycling and resource conserving, the Recycling Council of Alberta lives by the three Rs: reducing, reusing and recycling. Its Extended Producer Responsibility Program maintains a strong and diverse membership that develops strategic alliances and partnerships, proactive policies on strategic issues, then presenting the Recycling Council of Alberta position to influencers in a result-oriented fashion.
Encouraging and assisting the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors, as well as the construction and demolition sector, the Recycling Council of Alberta is responsible for managing waste streams, assuming stewardship, increasing recycled content and conserving resources, while simultaneously promoting industrial, commercial and institutional waste stewardship and reduction, promoting construction and demolition waste reduction, encouraging environmental designs and recognizing excellence in product stewardship.
Market development is encouraged for recycled materials and waste reduction products and services, as is updating Recycling Council of Alberta information on existing products and services, identifying and promoting the reducing, reusing, and recycling, and encouraging to “buy recycled”.
Raising awareness, education and encouraging responsibility for waste reduction, recycling and resource conservation is a core part of the Recycling Council of Alberta, as is delivering critical information, supporting strategic objectives to targeted audiences, developing and delivering education and networking initiatives, and assisting other committees to communicate key concepts and messages. These initiatives enhance the Recycling Council of Alberta’s effectiveness in pursuing and meeting its goals and objectives.
The Recycling Council of Alberta delivers a variety of educational initiatives, including workshops, training seminars, conferences and public education campaigns, covering a variety of topics related to waste reduction and diversion.
These initiatives include successful programs like Alberta’s Recycling Hotline, where those seeking information on where particular recyclables can be delivered within their area can call the Recycling Council of Alberta or visit its online webpage. These services are provided in partnership with Alberta Environment.
In another program, the Recycling Ambassador Project, summer students travel throughout Alberta to educate the public about Alberta’s used oil, tire, beverage container and electronics recycling stewardship programs by visiting retailers, collection points, public officials, municipal events and trade shows.
The Speaker’s Bureau of the Recycling Council of Alberta maintains a list of volunteer speakers throughout Alberta. Schools and groups wanting to learn more information about waste reduction and recycling can contact the Recycling Council of Alberta through these presentations.