Thingsfactory introduces new technology for fever and behaviour detection in Livestock

MONTREAL, Jan. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — To facilitate a safe post-COVID-19 environment where zoonotic viruses that jump from animals to humans – COVID-19, H1N1, bird flu, and others such as African Swine Fever – are an ongoing and top concern, Thingsfactory is launching the TF-400F, the first ruggedized, weatherproof and fully portable body temperature sensor suitable for livestock.Designed for real-time performance and long-term reliability, the TF-400F detects, analyzes and classifies the body temperature of porcine, bovine and equine populations in crowded, queued or individual situations, without hesitation and with an accuracy of .1 of a degree. Its fast scanning and built-in artificial intelligence software that reduces temperature verification efforts by 95%, saving valuable time and increasing worker safety and productivity.Entirely developed in Montreal by an experienced team of specialists in Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technologies, the devices proven technology includes an ultra-sensitive thermal microcamera and a Nvidia Jetson NX GPU with a processing capacity of 21 TOPS. Our visualization and notification software HeatUp! is equipped with powerful artificial intelligence algorithms for animal recognition, behavioural analysis and temperature measurement. Its unique, portable and powerful design is simple to use and offers a user-friendly interface for the operator. It can be integrated with existing software and RFID technology.Designed for harsh environments, the TF-400F sends notifications when high temperatures or abnormal behaviour are detected and comes with cables and accessories. The TF400 can easily be deployed inside any heated building by the operator. It is an indispensable component for any zoonotic viruses and infectious diseases safety plan. The TF-400F can be deployed anywhere and is best suited for corralled or queued situations in the farming/livestock environment.Currently in production, the TF-400F system will be available for pre-sale with deliveries to first-time buyers beginning in mid-February 2021.Quotes
“Thingsfactory has seen major advances in research and development over the past year. We are proud to unveil today the results of this work, which has made it possible to create products that not only showcase Quebec’s genius in IoT and AI, but that will also have a real impact in reducing material, financial and human losses.”
   -Pierre Gauvin, CEO and Founder, Thingsfactory
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Founded in 2015 and based in Montreal, Thingsfactory is an Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence product development company specializing in real-time monitoring of critical systems and prevention of material, financial and human losses. With more than 25 years of experience in product and software development, operations management and software development for large-scale international clients, Thingsfactory’s founders and employees take pride in designing and building high-quality products that combine performance and security. More information at

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