Think long and hard about serving on the board of a non-profit organization

No matter how worthy the cause or how dear it may be to your heart, ask first about your potential liability as a Director. Do the by-laws provide for indemnification of Directors found liable for their acts or omissions? Is insurance in place to fund this? If not, you could be required to pay damages out of your personal assets.

Not-for-profit doesn’t mean not-to-be-sued! You can be at risk for errors, whether actual or alleged, for misleading statements or mis-statements and for omissions, breach of duty or negligence. Suits have also alleged mismanagement of funds, conflict of interest, self dealing and actions beyond granted authority. Claims frequently involve employment practices—wrongful termination and discrimination. Lawsuits can also range from such matters as unpaid salaries to failure to enforce by-laws of the organization. Claimants can be equally varied—from government, regulatory bodies and the like, to creditors, members of the public, employees and even fellow Directors. It is unwise to rely solely on the by-laws indemnification clause for your personal protection. There is no standard clause to guarantee full indemnification in all circumstances. In any case, the organization’s cash flow may be inadequate to fund this obligation. This is where D& O Insurance comes into play.

Non-Profit Directors & Officers Liability Insurance typically covers the organization’s duty to indemnify and may cover the organization itself too. As well, it should cover not only the directors and officers but also volunteers, staff and employees. It will not typically pay for deliberate criminal or dishonest acts nor libel and slander, bodily injury or property damage. Except for criminal acts, these risks can be covered by other forms of policies. If these matters have been addressed, your decision whether or not to accept an invitation or election to the Board is simplified. If not, you should think hard if you are prepared to expose yourself as a volunteer to lawsuits alleging that you have acted wrongfully.

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