Titanium Contracting Inc.

Toronto based Titanium Contracting Inc. (TCI) specializes in providing turnkey services in heavy equipment general contracting for its Ontario clients. The company started less than two years ago in August 2012 by Steve Foster as a result of the suggestions from his co-workers and other associates. “Those who came up with the idea for the company came over to work for me almost immediately, and a few othersshortly after that. Even though I do have a good rapport with the guys, I wouldn’t say that they followed me. Let’s put it this way – I think their previous experiences made it an easy decision for them to come over.”

The company of 20 employees currently operates a fleet of three large excavators (25, 40 and 50 tonne), smaller excavators, skid steers, roll off truck, and three smalldump trucks. “At this point, Most of our fleet are excavators, and we are actually looking to acquire more,” says Foster. TCI’s equipment fleet and team of experienced personnel provide TCI clients with skills that meet and exceed clientsrequirements and expectation.”

Foster, who has past experience working on large infrastructure projects, focuses on securing projects related to public works, infrastructure and infrastructure related projects such as demolition/deconstruction, roll-off bin service, site remediation, storm water management ponds, and landscaping and even tree planting.

“I focus on the infrastructure because it’s much easier to work with professionals who understand what they are asking for, rather than say homeowners who want something, but are not quite sure what it is they want, and who don’t understand how difficult the execution of their requirement may be. It’s simply easier to work with people who design the project, or have done similar work before,” explains Foster.

“We will also work with general contractors whom we have good relationships, but we try to avoid being subcontractors,” continues Foster, “We go after projects that we can do on our own, and we are quite picky about who we work for. If I get a bad feeling about a client, I rather walk away before agreeing to the project, to avoid creating a bad relationship.”   

The company management and team often focus on seeking out projects that include unique challenges, so the team slowly gather unique experience in the field. “My guys don’t want simple projects and an easy paycheck. They are interested in challenges. We want projects that challenge out abilities, skills, and capabilities; projects we can learn from. We say ‘Yes’ to projects many won’t accept. We are in it to learn, but we also won’t take on projects we are unable to complete. Working in this way keeps the team engaged and interested in the work we do,” says Foster.

According to Foster, one of the most fun and professionally rewarding projects for TCI team was culvert rehabilitation for the Town of Aurora. The challenge of the project was to rebuild the culvert with the existing infrastructure remaining in place, meaning that the road above the culvert needed to remain accessible to traffic. Not being able to tear out the road presented a very unique challenge, and the work – new foundations and metal plating – had to be done from inside the culvert.

“As a result of this, we learned many new skills when it comes to culvert installation. Even this has been very time-consuming and therefore stressful for the team, it had a huge value in terms of learning,” says Foster.

Another challenging project was the demolition of a biodiesel refinery in 2012. The company tore down the facility and did the site remediation as well. Another interesting site remediation project was a project for the Ministry of Natural Resources, remediating a helicopter rescue and firefighting training site. Located on the shore of the Ottawa River in Pembroke, Ontario, the site was polluted by aviation fuel and presented aenvironmental risks, so TCI remediated the site and contained the field from the side of the river.  

Titanium Contracting Inc. adheres to the traditional values of the industry, emphasizing hard work, teamwork, and executing project with integrity — integrity that provides clients with a quality service within schedules and budgets, and meets or exceeds your expectations.

“I’m personally involved in most of our projects to make sure that each client is taken care off. I’m always available for my colleagues and the clients to discuss whatever issue there may be.”

TCI is expecting to double its 2013 revenues this year – while aiming to build a company that can bring approximately $25 to $30 million in annual revenue – Foster wants to remain personally involved in the company’s projects, instead of creating a large disjointed company. “I don’t want to be a $100 million or a $1 billion company. At $25 million I can still keep a very good eye on the people and the projects, living up to the standards that I expect, but also remain close with the team, and be available to them and the clients,” concluded Foster.