Titus Steel

Wear & Impact Steel Specialists

Originally founded in 1957, Titus Steel is a family owned and operated business that specializes in wear and impact steel manufacturing. Operating in Canada and the U.S., Titus Steel is an international distributor of several steel product lines, including mould and die steels, armour plates, steel processing, as well as grouser bars used for excavators and bulldozers.

A key component of the Titus Steel product lineup is its impact and wear resistant manganese steel, which has been a significant growth stream for the company. Titus Steel has been a major player in this specific, niche marketplace, and as a result this has led to the development of a variety of other specialty, wear-resistant steel products.

Niche Product Markets

“We specialize in wear solutions for heavy industry, which is everything from the mining industry to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs),” Steve Usatis, Business Development Manager with Titus Steel, told The Canadian Business Journal. “One of our biggest clients is Caterpillar Global Mining, as we have the distribution rights for a material called endura, which is a high alloy, hardening material.”

This material has an initial softer, weaker composition, but once impacted from an application, it becomes much stronger and more durable. Described as the ultimate work hardening steel, manganese is a non-magnetic material that contains ideal wear and work hardening properties, while endura is a tough, abrasive-resistant material that is ideal for welding and steel processing. Caterpillar Global Mining uses endura to line each of its excavator mining buckets.

“In addition to all of the impact and abrasive resistant steels that we sell, we also have a special line of ballistic resistant plates which we sell largely to law enforcement, armoured car manufacturers, and to luxury car line manufacturers in the Middle East,” Usatis detailed.

Customer Service Commitment

Serving a range of markets across Canada and the United States, Titus Steel saw some slow down through the economic recession, which in particularly took its toll on the manufacturing sector, however the company points to its product and service diversity which has kept it competitive. From being the go-to specialist of impact and abrasive resistant steels, to completing custom fabrication orders for its wide ranging client base, Titus Steel truly recognized the value of customer service.

“We can fabricate material to spec for our customers to create different products for them, from one inch to 20-feet,” Usatis explained. “Although we saw a slow down with the recession, we have also diversified to attract new customers.

“Our competitive edge is our customer service. We are still old school in a lot of ways, such as we don’t allow voicemail. If a customer calls us, then the least we can do is to have the appreciation to answer. We want to hear from our customers because, when the phone rings, we know that it is someone who is interested in our product line and it is an opportunity for us.”

Titus Steel has built on its long-standing reputation to further establish its industry leading presence in wear and impact steel manufacturing. Looking toward the future, the company sees sustainable growth on the horizon as it continues to deliver high quality products to its customers. Titus Steel continues to change with the times in an effort to always be attentive and responsive to customer needs and to offer the latest solutions.

“We add value, and we want our customers to be able to turn to us for not just steel, but for solutions. We make our customers more efficient and more profitable,” Usatis concluded. “We are an ever-evolving company that is all about wear solutions, where what we do today we couldn’t have ever conceived doing 10 years ago. We pride ourselves on meeting customer demands and offering the best solutions.”