TNR Industrial Doors Inc.

Dynamic Canadian Expertise

TNR Industrial Doors is a privately owned manufacturer of rubber high performance doors located in Barrie, Ont., competing with industry giants across North America.  TNR manufactures high performance, high speed, high impact doors for commercial and industrial application for both domestic and international markets.

TNR opened its doors in November 2003 after its predecessor closed its Canadian facility and moved their operations to Atlanta, Georgia. That is when six entrepreneurs that were left behind created a business plan to compete in the Canadian market. What transpired next was amazing growth because of the knowledge and expertise of the people at TNR.

Engineers use high performance rubber doors to meet the needs of a tough, rugged environment that requires custom attention to the client’s specifications.

High performance doors represent a popular solution for mining operations, transportation companies, parking garages and other high traffic or heavy duty applications.

TNR is recognized as a leader in high speed rubber roll up doors, and the largest producer of rubber doors in Canada. The products range from manually operated doors, high speed doors to very large doors. TNR also offers high speed fabric doors for the commercial sector and plans to expand this product offering in the coming months. In all cases, TNR products are tough, easy to install, and easy to maintain.

TNR sales and engineering staff average over 25 years of experience each and that, coupled with the customer service, is a game changer. As of today, the company’s 52 employees serve the whole global market including Europe, the Middle East and South America.

The Canadian Business Journal Spoke with Cathy Buckingham, the President and CEO of TNR Industrial Doors Inc., and the 2012 finalist of the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards, HUB HKMB Impact Award.

The uniqueness of the rubber door lies in its reliability and endurance in fast moving, heavy equipment environments – whether a car, a truck, or heavy machinery – incidents are more likely to occur due to high traffic volume or fast paced production. “It’s the case that warehouses, storage units or similar facilities encounter high traffic and are prone to an occasional run-in.  Being made from rubber, the high-performance doors are more durable, meaning the door can survive impacts, and the damage to the vehicle is relatively limited. A TNR door that is hit and dislodged can be reset in a matter of minutes, thus production and energy loss are not an issue. Our website offers a presentation of this kind of impact.

“TNR supplies the mining industry so you can imagine the size of the companies with whom we are dealing with. High-performanwce doors are a highly specialized industry segment. There are some big players in this sector. I think what makes us unique is that while we are competing with the really big guys, we are not a part of a major conglomerate. We are flexible, fast and innovative. As a Canadian business familiar with mining applications we have a great perspective on what our customers need.” says Buckingham, adding that most of the company competition comes from the U.S.A. and Europe.

TNR holds several patents, the company works towards ISO certification, and continues to grow at an exponential rate. To facilitate this growth, the company recently moved into a 70,000 square foot facility that provides enough space to cover the demand for the rubber roll-up doors. This was the company’s third expansion since 2003.

According to Buckingham, the company developed and grew around quality manufacturing with employees who understand the door and its operation as a whole. Each employee provides the knowledge and ability to identify any design flaw or problems that may occur during the manufacturing process. While industrial doors can span as large as 40 feet wide by 35 feet high, TNR can generally manufacture a door in less than three days.

Two main advantages of TNR are company’s technical skills and the ability to adapt to the needs of any project, creating custom products rather than offering a pre-designed solution. “We can build or compete with any kind of high-performance door out there. It’s our technical competence and innovation that sets us apart and the experience of our engineering team represents our advantage in the industry.”

Another upside that TNR Doors provides its clients is quality Canadian manufacturing. While some of the large industrial players opt out to manufacture their product offshore as standardized product and assemble them as such, TNR sources material and builds its product locally. “We found that we can source materials locally and cost effectively. This cuts costs and ensures that we can deliver the product quickly. We are not trying to fit our client into a product, we fit the product to the client.”

The company started expanding internationally in 2010 with an aggressive growth of 10 per cent. The company markets its product domestically and internationally by participating in industrial tradeshows and networking through the IDA (International Door Association). IDA provides programs and services to door and access systems dealers and producers with a goal to enhance their value and professionalism in the industrial doors, residential doors, commercial doors, fire doors, and gates segments. “The Association has been a great source of information and networking to us, and because industrial doors are such a specific industry segment,  credit must be given to the association that TNR is well known and recognized in the industry today.”

To satisfy the needs of the international markets, the company is also expanding its product lines and services; and while the industrial sector has been the focal point for this product, Buckingham sees increased demand in the commercial sector. “We have a long list of ideas ready, and we will roll them out once we figure out what is the market for the product. We are a leader in the rubber doors already, but we are also expanding our fabric door line for the commercial use, such as plants’ interiors, buildings’ separation and so on.”

Within its history, TNR has built an expertise that easily competes with any high performance door producer worldwide. The company’s dynamic know how, and commitment to building custom quality Canadian product will most likely deliver new solutions for clients and continue to grow TNR Industrial Doors’ line of satisfied customers well into the future.