Toitures Couture

A reputation for quality since 1980

Toitures Couture was founded in Saint-Hubert in 1980 by three brothers, Laurent, Robert and Guy Couture, who carried a reputation for high-quality work. In order to compete in a constantly evolving market, the founders subsequently linked up with several outside partners. Toitures Couture’s network development strategy enabled the firm to enhance its external expertise by merging its activities with firms that were already leaders in their regions.

Serving one satisfied customer after another, in only a few short years Toitures Couture became a symbol of reliability throughout Québec.
The company serves its customers from four strategic service centres:

- a head office in Saint-Hubert that covers the Montréal and Western Québec region;
- the Victoriaville regional office covers Central Québec;
- the Québec City office covers Northern and Eastern Québec;
- a Sherbrooke office covers the entire institutional area of the province of Québec.

The company is proud to be members of the following associations: the Québec Master Roofers Association, the Canadian Roofing Contractors Association, the National Roofing Contractors Association (an American association), Québec Building Envelope Council, and the Montréal MXA Association Inc.

Superior service

From large industrial projects to roofing for shopping centres, Toitures Couture guarantees the same impeccable service. The company’s team of roofers receive ongoing technical training to remain at the forefront of new roofing processes that appear on the market.

Toitures Couture deals only with recognized suppliers known for the quality of their products and their accompanying, fully-backed guarantees. The company offers three types of roofing systems: Elastometric Membrane Systems, Monoply Membrane Systems, and Multilayer Membrane Systems.

Elastometric Membrane Systems

The application of new technologies, such as elastometric membranes, constitutes a new approach to roof sealing.

- In-plant fabrication of membranes meeting total quality standards
- Elastic-resistant and flexible roof sealant well suited to the Canadian environment
- Reduction of odours through hot tar-free installation
- Minimal maintenance
- Vast choice of colours available for roofing surface
- Product with twenty years of proven use

Toitures is committed to making sure highly specialized personnel install the roofing systems.

Monoply Membrane Systems

Specially designed for buildings with large surface areas, monoply membranes (EPDM, EP, PVC and others) provide flexibility and fast installation.

- In-plant fabrication of membranes that meet high quality standards
- System that allows recycling of certain existing roof components
- No noxious odours
- New technology allowing more flexibility in the choice of system
- Rolls of membrane with a large surface area reduce the number of joints and thus the risk of infiltration
- Large areas covered in one day, thus reducing project duration
- Inexpensive system

Multilayer Membrane Systems

In addition to traditional, proven technologies, tar multilayer membranes are used in a variety of applications.

Justifiably considered a model for the industry, Toitures Couture was first to launch a total quality program leading to qualification under the ISO 9001 standard.

Awards and assurances

Toitures Couture was the winner of the 1992 Prix Mérite awarded by Saint-Hubert businessmen’s association, and winner of the 1994 Prix Dominique-Rollin (construction firm category) awarded by the South Shore Chamber of Commerce.

These awards reflect the commitment to service the company performs. Any service contract with Toitures Couture includes a guarantee of satisfaction based on a detailed service plan. This plan includes: a description of the work to be performed, identification of the materials to be used, a schedule of the required work; and the agreed cost.