Top Five Tips for Choosing the Right Convention Space


Planning a corporate meeting or conference means finding the right venue and sometimes finding the perfect spot can be the biggest challenge. Location goes a long way – but there’s more to it than just that.

In order to ensure that an event is a complete success there are many elements that every company conference planner must keep in mind and Mark Bingeman, of Bingeman in Kitchener, Ont., understands this challenge.

“Whether you’re a big corporation, or medium sized business, planning an effective conference or meeting means taking the necessary steps to plan every detail inside and out to ensure success,” says Bingeman. “Making sure you have the essential tools for your business, coupled with the ability to wind down after, can make for a successful retreat for your employees and their work.”

To assist in business conference and retreat planning, Bingeman has offered five tips to keep in mind when looking for the perfect venue:


Picking the right location is the first logical step in planning a corporate event. It may also be the hardest of any task in the planning process. Central geographic location is certainly high on the list; however don’t overlook items such as ancillary attraction options, proximity to transportation access and parking. It also pays to look at locations that are not your typical urban centers as variety and new options can certainly increase attendees’ attention.


All work and no play isn’t good for employees or their work. If attendees are staying for one or two nights, they need things to keep them busy during off hours. Conference centers that offer more than just meeting facilities, allow for a little extra that just may get the creative juices flowing.

Know Your Needs

Do you need high-tech options like fiber optic connections, live streaming webcams or massive projection screens? Or do you need a room for a gala, breakout space and trade show floor? You can make your life easier by holding the event at a large enough venue that has everything under one roof. 


Ensuring great quality food is important for any conference and looking for creativity and flexibility in your venue’s food and beverage team is your key to success. Creativity doesn’t need to be costly, and a well-planned food program will certainly assist in increasing your attendees’ satisfaction level.

Family Friendly

Many conference attendees are now bringing their family with them; does your venue have fun things for the family while the spouse or other parent is at the conference? Entertaining the family helps to make sure that all attendee’s experiences run smoothly and it also ensures that they can stay focused on the task at hand.