Toyota Moving U.S. Tacoma Production to Mexico

Toyota logo

CBJ — Toyota has announced plans to move the production of its mid-size Tacoma pick-up truck from the United States to Mexico.

The Japanese automaker also plans to wrap up production of the Toyota Sequoia in Indiana by 2022 as that facility focuses on mid-size SUVs and minivans.

Toyota will shift production of the Sequoia in 2022 to Texas and that plant will end production of the Tacoma by late 2021.

The new USMCA ensures that automakers will still be able to build pickup trucks in Mexico without facing new punitive tariffs.

Toyota has completed a $1.3 billion modernization investment in its Indiana operations to add 550 jobs. Toyota said there would be no reduction to direct jobs at any of Toyota’s facilities across North America as a result of the vehicle moves.


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