Trademark Factory Offers Unprecedented All-Inclusive Flat-Fee Trademarking Service

New York, NY, Oct. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Trademark Factory – the one-stop shop for trademarking services is offering an all-inclusive flat-fee trademark registration service to its clients, as well as a bevy of unparalleled services to business owners pursuing trademarks.

Speaking about his company’s unrivaled flat-fee and money-back guarantee policy, founder & CEO Andrei Mincov stated that “First, we run a comprehensive trademark search to ensure your brand is trademarkable. If we spot any problems, we’ll keep doing additional trademark searches until you come up with a brand that’s registrable – or you can simply get a full refund.” 

Trademark Factory’s money-back policy is rare, if not unprecedented. Not only does “Honest Registrability Opinion” allow Trademark Factory clients to get a full refund if they choose not to move forward with their problematic brands, but even more remarkable, they can also get all of their money back if trademarks that get filed are then rejected by the government Trademarks Office.

All trademarks are filed and handled by licensed attorneys and trademark agents from start to finish for an upfront flat fee, custom-tailored to fit each client’s situation. That means that for a fixed fee, Trademark Factory’s clients get access to unlimited attorney hours to deal with any and all legal correspondence with the Trademarks Office—until their trademark registers.

Lucas Mattiello, founder of Level Up Living described his experience with Trademark Factory and their all-inclusive package as follows: “I used Trademark Factory for two reasons. One, Andrei had a good reputation, and two, the all-inclusive price. The last thing I wanted to do was get hit with the legal bill for thousands of dollars because there is some problem, and this gave me certainty in the fixed price. I am happy with Trademark Factory and I recommend that you get your logo trademarked with them.”

Clients also have the option of utilizing a flexible payment plan. Installments can be paid over the course of three or six months, for maximum convenience. Further, clients can check the status of their trademarks with the Client Cabinet, a feature unique to Trademark Factory which allows applicants to log in and confirm the up-to-date status of their applications at any time.

To begin the process of applying for a trademark with a 100% money-back guarantee, brand owners can visit or call +1 844 TM.FACTORY [863.2286]. From there, customers can book a free call with a specialist or order a paid consultation with registered trademark agent, former intellectual property lawyer, and founder of Trademark Factory, Andrei Mincov.

About Trademark Factory

Launched by a former intellectual property lawyer in 2011, Trademark Factory’s origins lay at the beginning of founder Andrei Mincov’s legal career in Russia in 1996. His father, the famed Russian composer Mark Minkov, had heard a piece of his being played in the background of an advertisement by a local radio station without his knowledge or consent. Andrei, who was still a law student at the time, sued the radio station for copyright infringement, and ultimately won a precedent-setting victory in Russia’s second-highest court. After a successful career working for the world’s largest international law firm, Andrei immigrated to Canada in 2007. After undertaking additional schooling in the law, Andrei set out to found a firm that would provide business owners trademarking services for a single flat fee, and thus Trademark Factory was born. To date, Trademark Factory has filed for over 2,000 trademarks for over 800 clients around the world with an astonishing 99.3% rate of success. For more information, visit and follow Trademark Factory on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channel.


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