Train Canada


There is a continuing need for training especially in the areas of Information Technology and Business Skills.

Corporate training solutions are the domain of ctc TrainCanada.  A privately-owned organization, ctc TrainCanada is the country’s largest full service provider of corporate training solutions, with over twenty years of training and development experience with locations nation wide.

According to Rick Shore, Vice President, ctc TrainCanada’s vision has always been to deliver professional training and measurable benefits to organizations. In December 2010, ctc TrainCanada was awarded the Learning Competency Partner of the Year at the 2011 Microsoft Partner Network IMPACT Awards. The annual IMPACT Award recognizes excellence across the large and diverse community of Microsoft Canadian technology partners.

“Our annual IMPACT Awards celebrate the great work done in the partner community to help customers respond to their business challenges through the benefits of technology,” said Eric Gales, President of Microsoft Canada Inc. “Technology partners like ctc TrainCanada are always finding new and exciting ways to develop and deliver innovative technology solutions, making them true leaders in their respective fields.”

“While I had the honour of accepting the award…it was given to ctc TrainCanada,” said Mark Peterson, President of ctc TrainCanada. “We have a winning team and a winning formula and now the recognition from Microsoft as Learning Competency Partner of the Year.”

Over the years ctc TrainCanada has continued to expand and enhance their suite of business skills.  Ctc TrainCanada understands the strategic importance of developing partnerships that foster innovative leadership and unique collaborative solutions and In February 2010, they announced its partnership with Canadian Management Centre for streamlined education services exclusive to Canada Post.

The list of ctc TrainCanada approved courses includes over 100 soft skills topics provided by CMC, which range from leadership and management to communications and administrative skills, can all be found through the Canada Post Training Registration System (TRS) or by contacting ctc TrainCanada or Canadian Management Center directly.

“As a company, our goal is to provide Canada Post with the best training solutions available in the market.  As part of our relationship with Canada Post we are always looking for like-minded Off-the-Shelf Training providers and we are excited to partner with Canadian Management Centre.  We feel that the superior training solutions they bring to the table will add significant value to Canada Post and provide more options to employees who are looking to improve their skills,” said Royce Robbins, Canada Post Team Account Executive, at ctc TrainCanada.

“I think the differentiator with our training at the desktop level is that we are very student centric in our training. We teach you how to use the program more efficiently within your job,” said Shore. “We ask, ‘What are your job requirements? What do you want the software to do?’”

When asked how the business industry has developed over the past 22 years, Shore said generally employees come to the work force established with a fair degree of computer savvy.  However, there has been an increasing need for technical and business courses.  In particular leadership and management, communications, presentation, and negotiation skills are now a necessity to function effectively in any supervisory or management position. Ctc TrainCanada has positioned itself accordingly and has developed the expertise to meet these needs.