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BOSTON, MA–(Marketwired – December 11, 2017) – Imagine not only driving a rental car for free* but getting some free gas for your road trip as well…Transfercar, a global fleet logistics company established in 2008, has made this fantasy a reality, launching rental fleet relocation services in Boston, with a large number of rental cars that need to be relocated to Florida before the end of the month.

How does it work? Rental car companies spend large amounts of money transferring cars between branches in order to re-position their fleets based on shifts in seasonal demand. They usually engage trucks, trains or professional drivers to relocate their inventory at significant expense.. Brian Karlson, Transfercar’s co-founder and CEO, says he thought that there had to be a better way to align fleet relocation needs with consumer travel requirements.

“We’ve created a website that connects rental car companies needing to transfer their cars with travelers eager to drive them in exchange for a free* trip,” he says. “This model provides a win-win solution where travelers get the opportunity to get a free* one-way car rental, while rental companies save big money on relocation costs. While drivers may be subject to very small mandatory taxes or fees, even if the rental rate is free, they will experience enormous savings.”

Some cars can be used for a day or two, while other vehicles can be used for over a week, and deals may even include a free tank of gas! The only requirements are that the cars need to be dropped off before a predetermined date and there may be a restriction on the number of miles that can be driven. For instance, the website currently offers cars picked up in Chicago, Boston or Minneapolis which need to be dropped off in Miami and Orlando within 3 days.

If you find an appealing destination and a time that works for you, requesting a free* rental car is easy on Transfercar’s website. Once you have received the confirmation, simply go to the rental car agency on the date and time of booking and pick up your rental contract and keys!

About Transfercar

Transfercar is the world’s fastest growing rental car relocation marketplace, moving almost 100 thousand rental vehicles since its founding in 2008, while at the same time allowing travelers to get free* one-way car rentals to great destinations. To book a free* rental car, visit

* Transfercar renters will be responsible for small mandatory taxes, fees, and charges imposed by airports or local and state government agencies, as well as fuel used by the renter, unless waived in the rental terms (example, “…includes free tank of gas.”). Additionally, rental operators may deem it necessary to charge $1 per day in order to meet airport requirements.

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