TransferEASE Relocation Inc.

Moving People Forward

TransferEASE Relocation Inc. specializes in full service relocation, and offers a wide range of relocation services within Canada and internationally. This Canadian family-owned and operated business offers clients 18 locations throughout Canada, support for about 135 locations globally, and its clients are serviced by company’s 500-plus employees, and thousands of suppliers.

TransferEASE is a part of the Campbell Group of Companies (CGC), which has been operating in Canada for over 100 years. Campbell Group acquired TransferEASE in 1990 in order to provide its clients additional service to its core moving business. But times have changed, and with people moving globally at a faster and faster pace in larger numbers, TransferEASE has become a business in its own right under CGC as its parent company.

While the business premise is quite straightforward – moving a person or a family from a point A to a point B – the business of relocation is anything but simple when dealing with the complexity that is moving to a new city, country or continent.

The Canadian Business Journal spoke with Vickie Campbell, President, about TransferEASE, including the roots of the company, how it grew under the CGC umbrella, and what makes it different from the competition.

“TransferEASE is part of our group of companies, which include moving and real estate, and it stems from our moving business. We are a global relocation company, so we want to help people to get through the whole relocation process of relocating, whether its around the corner, North America, or worldwide. This was originally a complementary service that rode on the coattails of our moving business, but and it has continued to grow over the years, we have decided to separate the two into individual businesses,” Campbell says.

TransferEASE provides origin services, transition services, and destination services. The origin services include relocation budgeting, home sale, rental or empty property maintenance, transition services include household goods moving and storage, repatriation program, and cross-cultural program and coaching, and the destination services include budgeting, home search and rental, settling-in services, elder and child care services, and anything necessary to move people safely and securely with as little stress as possible. To serve its clients, TransferEASE has affiliates in about 135 locations across the globe, and understanding the Canadian, U.S., and international employee relocation practices gives TransferEASE the ability to provide its clients with a seamless relocation service, including recommendations and guidance.

“Our services include helping with real estate, services regarding families, schools or special needs, tax issues, and many other potential issues. We have people on the ground worldwide, because people need local support and presence—a person or a team who will direct them, and show them where to shop, help solve currency issues, find schools, address language differences, and many other basic things,” explains Campbell. “We consult with clients throughout the process so we understand their needs and lifestyle. This way we can, for example, match them with the relator who will pick the client up and address the needs, and show you the home you may be interested. The whole goal is to shorten the process and the stress level connected with relocation.”

The company’s main focus is on providing the transition services to Canadian and international corporations, because they require moving many of their corporate employees all over the world on a regular basis. TransferEASE’s client base is made of very broad range of industries and corporations, including: mining, banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, transportation, and governments.

“When you get to the corporate side, there are also the so-called ‘guarantee programs’, and these assure that people receive fair price for their homes. So there is much more involvement from their side in the relocation,” Campbell says.

Interestingly, most of the competition to this Canadian, family-owned business comes from the large U.S. corporations. “We have been fighting a bit of an uphill battle in the industry, and in the light of this large competition, the potential clients perceive us as ‘small’ in comparison, and this creates a challenge through the client perception that we may not be as able to provide the service worldwide. Our volume may be lower in comparison, but we do international transitions all the time just as the large providers,” Campbell states.

TransferEASE holds ISO 2008:9001, and is also WBE Women-Owned Business certified, as the only Women’s Business Enterprise in the relocation industry in Canada. Additionally, CGC made the list of PROFIT 500 Fastest-growing Companies in Canada, and is one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies (Deloitte).

Campbell concludes “We are the only relocation and moving company in Canada with these awards. From the clients’ comments, what people like is that we don’t have a cookie-cutter service. We customize our services to fit each individual client. We like to work with the culture of the client and customize the service. Achieving “the perfect relocation” for our customer is our ultimate goal.”