Tremco Roofing

Canadian manufacturing technology juggernaut

Tremco Roofing was incorporated in 1928, and is the North American leader for design in sustainable roofing solutions. Tremco products are divided into roofing, sealants and waterproofing solutions. The company manufactures and markets construction sealants, adhesives, glazing products and waterproofing systems, fire-stopping systems as well as custom-made products. Tremco has expanded beyond its traditional focus of roof repair. As a member of the RPM International family of companies, Tremco has expanded from being a leading proponent in roofing solutions manufacturing to creating innovative products, services and solutions to serve the whole building envelope.

With facilities in Toronto and Montreal, Tremco remains committed to Manufacturing in Canada. The Toronto plant is Tremco’s largest worldwide. “We are very proud to remain a Canadian manufacturer. In fact, since 1930, we have been the only consistent operator in Toronto’s Leaside Business Park. We purchase supplies and services from 174 local vendors, and over 200 contractors across Canada used our materials last year,” says Paul Sheehy, VP of Sales for North America Roofing.

Tremco provides the most extensive forensic offering by a manufacturer in North America. Providing design professionals and facility managers with accurate information upon which prudent decisions can be made regarding roof asset management. “Few manufacturers, if any, have the capability to look at the project from inception to completion; while at the same time offering an arsenal of well-rounded options and solutions.

RPM’s ownership of Tremco gives it significant marketplace access in relation to other RPM subsidiaries. The subsidiaries include: manufacturers of construction sealants, chemical corrosion control coatings, waterproofing and specialty coatings, etc. Tremco is able to tap this expertise to address various building envelope challenges. “There is a lot of expertise under the RPM umbrella that we can bring to the table,” adds Knudsen.

When it comes to product development and R&D, Tremco focuses on creating technologies and products that increase sustainability in existing roofing and weatherproofing applications. Tremco products are designed to offer extended roof life. This is to the advantage of Tremco’s customer base which includes building professionals, architects, owners and managers in the institutional, commercial and industrial sector. Tremco is appreciated in the field for taking care of their customer’s assets and extending the buildings’ life cycle.

“New technology is key to our success,” says Knudsen. “AlphaGuard is our innovative high solids, low odour leading product. This is a cold fluid-applied membrane which is a ‘moisture triggered urethane’, meaning it will only accept as much moisture as it needs to cure. In contrast, traditional urethanes take on too much moisture that can lead to pinholing and blistering in the application. Hence, AlphaGuard allows much better control over the application process, ensuring a high quality, consistent and blemish free membrane.”

Tremco’s new roofing technologies also work to encompass restoration of existing membrane systems in the market. Traditionally, single plies or modified bitumens have been popular due to their price point, but offer a limited lifespan. Tremco’s innovative fluid-applied systems can work to extend the life span of existing membrane treatments, in addition to ensuring longevity in the lifespans of new roofing. This is a major breakthrough in the industry with demonstrable benefits for building owners and managers, as well as members of the design community. Now, roofing stewards and innovators can ensure the longevity of roofs on new buildings as well as extending the life of existing roofs on older buildings through the use of Tremco’s fluid applied systems.

Our sustainable roofing solutions help to keep roofing materials out of landfills. Tremco is truly committed to sustainability and the environment to the point that the company’s Canadian manufacturing sites are zero-waste-to-landfill sites. “We were the first to introduce a premium cold roofing application process. We were also the first to introduce white BUR, along with many more examples of innovation,” says Sheehy.

Commercial and institutional projects are the bread-and-butter of Tremco’s business. Tremco’s focus on hospitals, industrial complexes, universities and schoolboards demand a product and process that meet long-term solution requirements. Tremco has provided its expertise to many hospitals in downtown Toronto, most major universities across Canada, as well as high-profile projects such as the Union Station Revitalization, the Canadian War Museum, and even restoration of the Detroit Lions’ 300,000 square foot domed roof. The latter of which was restored using the AlphaGuard roofing system, which is a more economical solution that extends the roof’s lifecycle. AlphaGuard’s high reflectivity also helps to reduce energy use because it absorbs very little heat.

In terms of new business, Tremco focuses on working with owners/managers of the buildings, as well as architects and engineers. Professionals such as these recognize the upside of the Tremco offerings as a long-term, environmentally-friendly roofing solution. The company’s marketing mantra is “Marketing through education.” Every year, the company commits resources to sponsor scores of professional lecture series and seminars throughout North America. During these sessions, local architects and building professionals are able to speak to their peers on a variety of subjects.

“Our belief is that the more information decision makers have, the more they appreciate the fine nuances of new technology. There is knowledge in the design community that needs to be shared and we are just acting as the conduit to allow for the exchange of information,” says Sheehy.

As Tremco approaches its 90th year, the manufacturing enterprise remains highly competitive in its niche markets. Tremco continues to serve clients when it comes to roof replacements and remediation using the most advanced Tremco suite of solutions and technologies.