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Trimount Developments


Trimount Developments was originally incorporated in 2006 in Medicine Hat, Alta., with the intention to become holding company with a portfolio of viable rental properties, but a compelling business opportunity had come along, and the company plans changed. The opportunity was to develop a residential property in Saskatchewan. This prompted the company principals Jason Fleury, Matt Rood, and Mike Reinheller to answer the challenge, and the company moved its operations to Estevan, Sask. in 2011.

To be competitive as a start-up business in the construction sphere, Trimount Developments continues to build its reputation on delivering quality work while offering to meet some of the tightest building deadlines. But delivering on tight deadlines is only the tip of the iceberg for any successful builder and developer. To deliver on this promise encompasses the whole gamut of processes. As a developer, Trimount takes care of the building and construction, the financial aspects of the construction, as well as the marketing and business vantage points. Construction service lies at the core of the company, providing field supervision, sub-trades coordination, construction project administration, labour, materials and equipment procurement; ongoing cost estimating, cash flow projections and scheduling, quality control and inspections … simply everything required to deliver a quality housing that customers may call home.

The Team

Fleury, Rood, and Reinheller offer years of experience in the construction industry as they came together to create a highly competitive building and construction company in southeastern Saskatchewan. Altogether, they worked on projects of various sizes and focuses, from single family and multi-family development all the way to condominium developments.

Fleury offers considerable experience in architecture, construction and the real estate development industry, and has been providing leadership to multi-family projects across Western Canada for almost a decade, and he leads Trimount Developments land development strategies and projects.

Rood also brings vast knowledge and skill set focused on the multi-single family housing development, and he is also a savvy entrepreneur who owned and operated a development company that built several hundred homes in southeastern Alberta.

Reinheller has grown up in the development industry and after acquiring his degree in commerce, he has been working in the construction and development industry since 2009. As a key part of the Trimount Developments team, he oversees sales, marketing and the general business operations.

Market Niche

According to Rood, the construction industry in Saskatchewan has its own challenges, but the oil industry in southeast Saskatchewan saw increased developments that tie into Alberta energy developments. In this busy economic landscape, the provisions of affordable quality housing had become imperative to the municipal governments who want to see business growth within their boundaries.

The first opportunity for Trimount in Estevan was called Petterson Point, a local multi-unit construction project. The project consisted of 117 condo units and took only 18 months to complete and sell.  “Jason, Mike and I took on the whole project. We worked on the ground, from managing the foundation excavation all the way through construction, and managing cash flow, as well as sales and marketing. This was complete hands-on project,” says Matt Rood, Vice-President of Business Development.

Trimount Developments’ Petterson Point project received tremendous response and has been a local success. The company built strong relationships and made inroads in the local construction industry, which helped the company grow the awareness of the company across southern Saskatchewan, and the company landed its second construction project in Weyburn, a municipality in close proximity to Estevan. A Mere 80 kilometres from Estevan, Weyburn represents a growing community in the province. The project called Fifth & 5th is also a multi-unit family development similar to that of Dominion Heights in Estevan. Fifth & 5th consists of 108 units; 78 condos and 30 townhomes. Once finished, the project will offer thoughtful floor layouts, modern interiors, and affordable prices.

The perfect balance of cost and modernism is set to attract families that seek quality housing and convenience.

Trimount’s current project in Estevan is called Dominion Heights. This project offers the best of both worlds, urban convenience with a direct connection to nature. This is due to the fact that the project is situated along nature’s parks and pathways but with a direct connection to major roads as well as new and existing amenities. Dominion Heights offers all the comforts of an established neighborhood while providing the latest luxury and construction technologies such as new green and eco-friendly materials. The first phase of Dominion Heights consists of 37 single family lots which are sold out. Phase 2 is in the land development stage and is near ready for the construction of 150 to 200 more housing units. Trimount intends to build some more 4-storey woodframe style condos in this phase which the market seems to have an unquenchable demand for. Phase 3 will begin shortly as well, and has room for another 500-plus homes.

The experienced Trimount Developments management expects the company to continue to grow in southern Saskatchewan by providing quality built homes.

The company core ambition is to provide quality affordable housing solutions to everyone. While Trimount may be a small start-up builder, with its experienced team, the company has no other place to go but up.