Trudeau Aims to Recall Parliament

CBJ – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to recall Parliament in order to pass COVID-19 financial aid legislation.

Trudeau confirmed that starting April 6, Canadians can apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit and get their money within 10 days if they opt for direct deposit. The other payment method would be Canada Post.

The Prime Minister also made it clear that if people receive the 75% wage subsidy, with the other 25% of the pay coming from their employer, they are not eligible to collect both.

“It’s one or the other,” Trudeau states emphatically.

The wage subsidy is by far the largest economic stimulus program in Canadian history, which is why Trudeau believes Parliament should be reconvened to assess it.

Trudeau has asked the government house leader and Ddeputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland to reach out to the other parties to discuss a return date, something the Official Opposition has already indicated a willingness to do, as opposed to signing what it called a “blank cheque” to the Liberals.

“Governments of all orders across the country are stepping up to fulfill their responsibilities to Canadians. Canada hasn’t seen this type of civic mobilization since the Second World War. These are the biggest economic measures in our lifetimes, to defeat a threat to our health,” Trudeau says.

Trudeau went on to say physical distancing will continue on for as long as necessary and that we will get beyond this the more quickly and efficiently people comply.

Businesses whose revenue has decreased by 30% or more due to the novel coronavirus pandemic will be eligible for a 75% wage subsidy, regardless of the number of employees.

The wage subsidy is being back-dated to March 15 and will cover the first $58,700 earned, meaning a maximum payout of $847 a week per employee.