5G Network Development

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CBJ — U.S. President Donald Trump says America will cooperate with like-minded countries when it comes to security details on the new 5G wireless networks.

A major concern for many countries are allegations of potential spying opportunities by Huawei of China.  The company has flatly denied such allegations, but it has done litle to quell concerns, including those of Canada.

Trump and his administration have been pressing countries not to grant Huawei access to future 5G networks. Among the countries Trump has spoken with include Canada and Great Britain. Earlier this year, the Canadian government announced a deal with Nokia from Finland. However, that’s not to say further contracts with other companies could not be possible.

At least 10 rural American telecom carries depend on Huawei and ZTE switches due to the fact they are considerably more inexpensive than the competition. However, they have acknowledged they are in discussions with Nokia and Ericsson to replace their legacy Chinese equipment.


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