Trump’s Troublesome Tirade

Donald Trump - State of the Union Jan 30 2018

CBJ — It’s one thing to fight for your country and get the very best trade deal possible, but it’s quite another to go on a tirade without any merit other than to seemingly prove you are in charge.

Such is the case with U.S. President Donald Trump, whose bizarre tweets lambasted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and yet none of Trump’s issues were addressed when the two met face to face as part of the shortened G7 summit in Quebec.

The session was only to have lasted a matter of hours anyhow, but Trump bolted from the assembly even earlier than expected, claiming he had to prepare for his trip to Singapore for a face to face meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Many of Canada’s political allies have voiced their support for free trade and opposition to U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum while denouncing the Trump administration’s unprecedented attacks on Prime Minister Trudeau.

Even some of Trudeau’s most notoriously fiercest critics, including Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and incoming Ontario premier Doug Ford, both promised to stand with the government as it seeks to resolve what has become an all-out trade war with the U.S.

Former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper, also questions Trump’s bizarre methods saying that Trump has an “obsession with trade relations with Canada.”

Trump also threatened to go after Canada’s auto industry, a mainstay of the Ontario economy, in the same way that he has already done with its steel and aluminum sectors.

Ford says he stands “shoulder to shoulder” with Canada’s Liberal prime minister because jobs in his province are at stake.


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