U.S. Demands China Cut Trade Surplus by $200 Billion

US - China trade wars

CBJ — The United States has demanded that China cut its trade surplus by $200 billion, end subsidies for advanced technology industries and sharply cut import tariffs to U.S. levels.

The list of demands comes straight from the Trump administration and was given to Beijing to assess prior to talks between the two countries.

The U.S. has started a trade war by announcing it will be imposing tariffs on a number of countries, and most notably China.  The world’s most populous nation sends billions of dollars of its goods into both Canada and the U.S., yet North American products barely trickle back the other way.

The recent talks were considered strong and worthwhile, but relatively large disagreements still remain according to Chinese sources.  However, there is no indication that President Trump has any plans to back off on his threats to impose stiff tariffs on up to $150 billion in Chinese goods over allegations of intellectual property theft.

Trump says he is determined to bring fairness to the U.S.-China trading relationship.


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