U.S. Faces Extradition Deadline of Huawei Exec

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CBJ — U.S. authorities are facing a deadline at the end of the month to formally request the extradition of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou from Canada to the United States.

As of now, the U.S. still has not filed the required paperwork in the Meng and they are running out of time if they wish to proceed.  If no paperwork is given to the Canadian government by January 20, Meng will be free to leave the country.

Canadian police arrested Meng at Vancouver’s airport on December 1 at the request of American authorities, who are seeking her extradition on fraud allegations. They say she lied to American banks as part of a scheme for Huawei to avoid U.S. sanctions against Iran.

But if this is a priority for the U.S., their government certainly isn’t acting like it.  There are those who believe there may actually be little appetite to have Meng extradited to the U.S. to face charges, but was rather more a ‘shot across the bow’ move to warn the Chinese company to stay the course.