U.S. Jobs on the Rise

CBJ – About 850,000 new jobs were created in the United States last month in what is being viewed as an encouraging indication of a widespread economic rebound.

Figures released by the U.S. Labour Department seem to indicate the American economy is in the midst of a weighty recovery from the pandemic recession. Restaurants from coast to coast are said to be back to near pre-pandemic levels, and more people are patronizing malls as retail sales show distinct signs of recovery.  Travelling and attending sports and entertainment events is also picking up considerably.

The Labor Department says people flying – personal and business combined – is at about 80% of pre-COIVD-19 levels.

Companies are once again looking to ramp up with employees, which is creating intense competition for some of the best and brightest. The bidding wars, much like real estate, could work out well for job hunters, with higher wage offerings a real possibility in some business sectors.

The U.S. national unemployment rate rose to almost 6% in June,  up slightly from May but still far below the 15% unemployment peak in April of 2020.