Uber Implementing New Safety Feature

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CBJ — Uber drivers in Canada trying to work for more than 12 hours straight will soon be forced to take a six-hour break before they can take the vehicle out on the road again.

The new policy, which will be rolled out the beginning of next week, will be enforced through the company’s ride-hailing app, which will block drivers from accepting customers.

Uber Canada’s general manager, Rob Khazzam, said the introduction of the feature follows similar moves by the company in other countries, as part of an effort to curb driver drowsiness and make the platform safer.

According to research by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, 26% of all fatal and injury crashes are attributed to driver fatigue, and in 2006, as many as 167,000 Ontario drivers were involved in at least one crash due to fatigue or drowsiness.Similarly, an Insurance Corporation of British Columbia survey from 2014 found 30% of respondents admitting to nodding off behind the wheel.

The new safety-inspired app will not count periods when a driver is parked for more than one minute between trips — and doesn’t account for drivers who may also be working for a competitor like Lyft.


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