Umano Medical

The Next Generation of the Medical Bed

Umano Medical is driven to find innovative solutions aimed at meeting the specific needs of its clients. Since 1920, Umano Medical has been providing expertise and excellence in diverse manufacturing sectors and set their focus on the medical field in the mid-1980s.

In response to the growing demand from the healthcare sector, Umano Medical offers state-of-the-art technology to design, manufacture and distribute world-class medical equipment.  Today, Umano Medical is specialized in high quality hospital products to meet the medical industry standards, particularly hospital beds.  With almost over 100 employees, 20 of that in R&D alone, they also develop specialized products for psychiatric, bariatric and pediatrics needs. Since the launch of their new ook<<snow>> platform in January, the company is growing more and more every day.

Located in L’Islet, Quebec, Umano Medical introduced a new management team in 2012 that is owned and managed by four executives with more than 30 years of experience in the medical market. Umano Medical has shifted its focus on providing more human technological solutions to its clients by reflecting a common vision for the company’s success.

“Since we are humble and empathetic, we have more flexibility to adapt to the market and the needs of our customers,” says Christian Cariou, President. “We seek to understand the customer and encourage a review of every product by the end user. We can react quickly and bring solutions to our customers much faster than a larger organization.”

Umano Medical believes their evolutionary medical equipment designs can change the healthcare experience for patients and caregivers. They build on their unique position as both a designer and a manufacturer to benefit their clients by delivering world-class, affordable products backed by customized service.

Improving the healthcare industry through innovative and simple products

One of the main ways Umano Medical’s products are currently benefiting the healthcare sector is with the introduction of their new bed. “In January of this year, we launched the new product, our very first hospital bed under the Umano Medical name,” says Cariou. “We put lots of efforts into the development to meet the latest requirements in terms of the prevention of falls for the patient.”

Over the past two years, Umano Medical has put all of the necessary phases in the organization towards its development. “We are going to the market with this product, with a strong sales and marketing structure in place to be able to serve the Canadian and US markets,” says Cariou.

The ook<<snow>> MedSurg Bed offers excellence in the low-height medical bed category. It is designed to maximize infection control and reduce falls, offering better performance and value. Even at a low height of 10 inches, the bed does not lose any of the function of the product. The beds also feature a notification system where patients can alert the nursing center if they intend to come out of the bed, which also helps in preventing the risk of falls.

“There is an increase in the aging population and we see that hospitals are looking for new solutions to better adapt to their requirements”, says Cariou. “Having one product that can meet many of their patients’ needs and expectations is the primary focus of their line of beds by having one platform for different specialized beds.”

Umano Medical beds offer many options to healthcare professionals and can be adapted to meet the requirements of any demanding hospital environment. Their ergonomic designs give patients more autonomy and ensure their safety.

“Another feature the company emphasizes with their beds is infection control; having a product that is easy to clean and will not capture any liquids that could cause infection,” says Cariou.

Thanks to a full features design, built-in safety characteristics and ease of use, these improve the patient’s well-being and ease the work of healthcare professionals.

“Up to date, we have received great feedback on the ook<<snow>> bed since we launched it this past January. It is quickly being regarded as the Cadillac of hospital beds,” says Cariou.

A commitment to quality and service

Key elements of Umano Medical’s research and development activities are the feedback and requests they receive from healthcare professionals. At every stage of design, their team is on-site, listening to the needs of medical professionals by creating new designs that will help them in their day-to-day interactions with the products.

“We want to be present in hospitals but we are humble in our approach as we value our customers and listen to their feedback,” says Cariou. “By providing them with the best services, we will make our mark in the medical market.”   Umano Medical’s services go beyond the purchase of a bed, with highly trained staff that is available to provide ongoing support and service.

Through their strategic partnerships that they have established with Universities, medical schools and major hospitals, Umano Medical is consistently pro-active in making sure that their designs reflect the requirements of the medical professionals.

R&D staff, operation engineers and on the ground team workers constantly share information and ideas reflecting the core principles of Umano Medical’s corporate core values. Their R&D and operations are both based on the principle of “Lean” which is a method to eliminate wastes as our employees always focus on providing value to our customers.

The company’s internal quality assurance philosophy goes beyond meeting regulatory requirements. They test their products relentlessly at every stage of production and believe that this enduring evolution stems from the aspiration to satisfy their clients.

Making their mark in the medical world

As a company, Umano Medical is constantly looking for ways to promote better technologies and enhance their clients’ experience. Growths through challenging and rewarding endeavours have positioned them to emerge as a unique key player worldwide because they are able to adapt their designs to reflect their customers’ specific needs.

Umano Medical is expanding within the Canadian and U.S. market. Umano Medical is projecting a significant growth into years to come. To support that growth, they have fostered great partnerships to help them manage their sales team.

“So far, we have about 30 sales reps covering the North American market,” says Cariou. “We also have a few projects in the pipeline that we will launch, adding new products in our portfolio during the next two years,” says Cariou.

Umano Medical is moving ahead with confidence that what they have to offer will make a significant contribution to the evolution of healthcare technology. They strive to apply their knowledge and expertise towards redefining the image of medical technology while designing products that offer convenient solutions to patients and healthcare providers.

A culture of innovation

The Umano Medical team believes in giving their employees autonomy to bring forth new ideas and growth for the company’s future.  Umano Medical also works closely with the community and supports local projects and associations. By empowering their employees at all levels, Umano Medical cultivates a sense of pride in the products they create.

As a team of dedicated professionals, Umano Medical is constantly improving their processes and practices to reflect their common corporate objectives.

“We are much more than our products, says Cariou. “We believe our employees are the foundation of our success; we value their contribution by providing them with a working environment and culture that support and encourage initiative, personal achievement and team work.”

With valuable knowledge and insight gained from serving the medical community worldwide, Umano Medical is uniquely positioned to offer medical equipment that meets the high standards of healthcare providers today.

“We put the needs of the patient first and we listen to end users without guessing what they want,” says Cariou. “We believe this model improves the overall experience for patients and healthcare providers.”