Uniglobe Travel

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Beginning in Vancouver in 1981, Uniglobe Travel has evolved as the Canadian leading supplier in retail travel, with more than 140 franchise offices nationwide.

Uniglobe Travel is truly a Canadian success story. Celebrating 30 years in business, Uniglobe Travel offers services from business travel to leisure travel, and has more than 700 locations across 50 countries, covering North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Uniglobe Travel is the world’s largest single brand travel franchise organization.

Uniglobe services

As a leading provider of consumer direct travel services for both the business and leisure traveller, Uniglobe Travel distributes travel products and related services through its interactive online web presence, and alternatively distributes these products at its offline locations around the globe.

“Uniglobe travel specializes in managing the diverse and changing travel needs of companies and travellers,” reads the company website. “With our global reach and local expertise, we can help you manage your corporate travel program, vacation and incentive travel with maximum efficiency, savings, and service.”

Uniglobe Travel Eastern Canada, based in Mississauga, is the secondary major location in Canada to company headquarters in Vancouver. Uniglobe Travel Eastern Canada works to support existing franchises in Eastern Canada, as well as developing new franchises in the east. Key to this operation, as has been the case with the company’s 30-plus years in business, is its corporate travel and vacation travel business building programs.

International presence

With a goal of achieving a global presence, Uniglobe Travel International was founded in Vancouver in 1979. U. Gary Charlwood, dubbed the ‘franchising legend’, was the franchising entrepreneur behind Uniglobe Travel International. Charlwood is also noted as the co-founder of Canadian real estate giant Century 21, a major player in the Canadian real estate and housing market. Putting this knowledge together, Charlwood established Uniglobe Travel

International in recognizing that the franchise system developed for real estate could be very effective in the travel industry, according to the company website.

Its Canadian roots served as the base of Uniglobe International’s expansion around the world, as the company furthered its presence in Canada in the 1980s, and expanded into the United States during that same period. The following decade, in the 1990s, the successful business model, uniting business and retail travel, allowed for a global expansion, establishing continental presences in Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa, as well as various regional presences in Central America, the Middle East, and Oceania.

With its rich history, Uniglobe Travel has established a voice in the retail travel industry, which the company attributes to Charlwood’s international influence.

Inducted into the Hall of Fame of the International Franchise Association, Charlwood is the first Canadian to hold such a distinction.

With strong support, and a goal to continue growth internationally and as a recognized travel brand, Uniglobe Travel offers the best in value-add products and services to its clients and Uniglobe Travel franchisees. These products and services also prove beneficial as a cost-efficient distributions system for travel suppliers across various industries, include airlines, hotel and accommodations, cruises, tours, and cars and automotive.

“Today, travel management companies of Uniglobe and its global partners serve small- to mid-size corporate accounts and vacation travellers in more than 50 countries, with annual system-wide sales of approximately $4 billion,” reads the company website. “Uniglobe continues to look for strategic expansion opportunities worldwide in its ongoing quest to be the brand of choice for its primary target market of business travellers.”