Unveiling the Integration: Sphere and Safe Software’s Spatial Collaboration Tool with Key Enterprise Applications at Augmented Enterprise Summit 2023

San Jose, California, Oct. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sphere, the spatial collaboration software for modern professionals, and Safe Software, the creators of FME, the only enterprise integration platform with comprehensive support for spatial data, are proud to announce the exciting evolution of their partnership that promises to streamline the adoption of Extended Reality (XR) within enterprise operations. Their joint effort will be showcased at the Augmented Enterprise Summit (AES) in Houston, on October 25th, 2023 at Safe Software’s booth, from 10:35 AM – 11:35 AM CST.  

This partnership shows the power of Sphere’s device agnostic augmented reality platform and Safe Software’s FME data integration platform. It paves the way for organizations to easily integrate XR with existing business tools, empowering them to access important information in new dimensions, while drastically simplifying the process. Sphere’s XR platform creates a dynamic, multi-dimensional environment, closing knowledge gaps and connecting teams across the globe, while Safe Software’s FME facilitates the seamless integration of key systems, including PLMs and CRMs, into Sphere, making adoption swift and efficient. 

At the heart of this collaboration is the ability to make augmented reality technology accessible and scalable within an enterprise setting. Safe Software’s FME data integration platform serves as a conduit for various data sources, enhancing the immersive experience for Sphere users. Sphere is a turnkey, no-code solution for multinational enterprises looking to benefit from XR functionality. 

Don Murray, Co-founder of Safe Software, noted, “We’re excited to showcase our first integration with Sphere at AES this year. Our collaboration enhances the delivery of crucial business data into augmented reality, which can be experienced in transformative ways through their platform.” 

Leon Laroue, Head of Partnerships at Sphere, emphasized the importance of data integration in their application, stating, “Sphere is designed not to force customers to recreate data for XR, but to make productive use of existing data in XR. Through our partnership with Safe Software, these integrations, which used to require months of custom development effort, now become exponentially easier to deploy and maintain, are more cost-effective, and much more scalable.” 

About Sphere:
Sphere is a spatial collaboration tool for modern professionals. The platform offers device agnostic augmented reality software that optimizes communication and problem-solving to retain top talent, decrease costs and boost productivity. With a focus on making XR technology accessible within enterprise settings, Sphere removes physical barriers to connect teams worldwide, including those at Pfizer, Volkswagen, Airbus, Micron and more.  

About FME by Safe Software:
The FME Platform has built-in support for thousands of systems as well as 800+ out-of-the-box transformers allowing users to build and automate custom integration workflows without having to code. Over 20,000 organizations worldwide trust FME technology for their enterprise integration solutions. Through Safe Software’s international partner network, FME is used in 120+ countries around the world and has been localized into multiple languages. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the new standard for XR integrations at AES 2023 in Houston. Sphere and Safe Software invite all attendees to visit Safe Software’s booth on Wednesday, October 25th, from 10:35 AM to 11:35 AM CST, to see the impressive integration built by Safe between Sphere and Autodesk and to learn more about how this partnership is changing the XR landscape. For more information, visit www.sphere.tech and www.safe.com  


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