UPDATE — IDNR-TV announces the beginning of production of “The Fascinating Taste of Canada”

TORONTO, July 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A fascinating journey into the cultures, history and traditions of the diverse communities that make up Canadian society. An opportunity for Canadians to learn, understand and discover our traditions through food.
Most of the time social divergences, conflict and racist behaviours are generated by a lack of knowledge and understanding between cultures and traditions. Canada, being built on many diversified communities, has a chance to rediscover itself through a shared fondness for food. And who doesn’t like great food!This is why we have decided to bring to life the television program: “The Fascinating Taste of Canada”.The goal is to showcase various cultures through proposed recipes prepared in the most authentic way. Presented by cooks that are deeply respected & respectful of their traditions and spiced up with various information.“We strongly believe that this concept will help Canadians to better know and to understand each other, build bridges of harmony and friendship, and a better society. We propose to use this platform to rely on Canadian made products in order to create an even stronger link into Canadian society, using the tagline of “Buy Canadian, Buy Local”.We hope in a strong collaboration with big alimentary suppliers like Metro, Loblaws, Longo’s, Fortino’s, Sobey’s, etc.We hope to generate interest for this program, which is strongly rooted in Canadian values and to find a home with the major Canadian broadcasters like CBC, Bell Media, Global, Corus Entertainment, etc., and a place on the streaming gurus such as Netflix, Crave, Apple, or Amazon.Hopefully prestigious written media ex: Canadian press, The Star, Sun, Globe and Mail National Post, etc. will consider opportunities to publish recipes, takeaways and facts from each episode all this serving to help promote and build strong Canadian Values.Production is planned to start late fall of 2020.IDNR-TV – Canadian to the Core is the first and only television channel dedicated to the natural resources industries the regions and its people. We made the decision to diversify and to target the most important asset of all, the people. IDNR-TV is focusing its activities to create content that reflects values of the Canadian Society.For more information please contact [email protected] Helen Welsh

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