Upfund.io Brings Crowdfunding to Amazon with Inventory Financing at a 15%+ Annualized Return for Investors

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Nov 30, 2017) – As the holiday shopping season gets underway, Amazon sellers are gearing up for the ripest time of the year for sales. Helping them meet their inventory goals without getting caught in an Amazon “debt-trap” this season is UpFund.io, which has brought crowdfunding to Amazon — benefiting sellers and investors alike.

Upfund connects Amazon sellers to crowdsourced investors, offering strong returns to the investors and short-term inventory funding with set, flat-rate fees to sellers in need of inventory. Investors can invest in Amazon sellers’ inventories and obtain a Return on Investment (ROI).

“Upfund.io gives the best short-term investments with a 15%+ Annualized Return,” explains Will Moffett, Co-founder of Upfund.io.

Sellers and investors are anonymous and confidential. Amazon sellers are vetted via credit history, Amazon sales history and account stability. The intuitive dashboard inside of UpFund helps investors keep track of their spreads, and notifies them of earnings and new investment opportunities.

On the flipside, Upfund.io helps Amazon sellers get the inventory financing they need in just a few simple steps, sellers connect their Amazon account and receive a funding decision within 30-seconds. After that, investors raise the funds. Within about two business days, the seller receives the funds they need to expand their inventory, with no payments due for 30-60 days — giving them ample time to list and sell the products.

“I believe all consumers should invest in the products they buy,” Moffett explains. “80% of online growth comes from Amazon sales. In addition, Amazon third-party sellers generate $37 billion annually — which is half of Amazon’s revenue, so it’s easy for Upfund to offer the best ROI.”

Learn more about Upfund by visiting them online at: https://www.upfund.io. Or by calling: (800) 541-7507.

About UpFund.io
UpFund.io is a consignment crowdfunding platform for Amazon sellers and investors. Investors purchase product for manufacturing on behalf of Amazon sellers, and Amazon sellers sell the merchandise while sharing profits. It’s built on the age-old consignment model. Upfund services Amazon merchants with a thriving business that can confirm their revenue while meeting the demand of our investors wishing to receive returns on their money.

Learn more by visiting: https://www.upfund.io

Will Moffet – President
Tel: (800) 541-7507