UREEQA Launches MVP Platform to Validate NFT Ownership and Protect Creators

TORONTO, CANADA, June 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) –– UREEQA (https://www.ureeqa.com/), a blockchain platform for protecting, managing and monetizing creative work, announced its upcoming minimum viable product (MVP) launch today. The highly-awaited MVP launch on June 30 follows a four-month period of closed beta and testing by renowned Creators such as BK the Artist, Vapor95 and Bryce Soderberg from the band Lifehouse. 

UREEQA was conceptualized a year ago when the founders recognized fundamental issues with the NFT infrastructure that could impact future widespread use. Realizing that many NFTs were being stored on centralized servers with no secure path to ownership, UREEQA identified a key solution to an industry-wide problem. 

Using the power of blockchain technology, UREEQA validates and verifies copyright ownership as part of the NFT-minting process and supports all creative work including music, video, visual art, photographs, written works and more, revamping an outdated system and offering Creators a faster, more effective, modern solution to a copyright system unable to keep up with the changing modern world.  

Through UREEQA, Creators  will be able to protect their work in three primary ways:

  • Creators can choose to submit their creations on the Ethereum blockchain through UREEQA with a few simple clicks. This creates an immutable and public timestamp for the creation.
  • Creators can then add more protection by submitting their creations to the UREEQA Premium Protected Collection. Before work enters the UREEQA Premium Protected Collection, a network of certified Validators will work to validate two very important things: 1) the point in time that the Creator’s work originated and 2) that it is the Creator’s unique work. Validators will be notified of a submission and the first 10 certified Validators to accept the notification get the work.
  • Creative work in the Premium Protected Collection will also have the support of Protectors. Protectors will work to find unauthorized use of a Creator’s work and notify the Creator. Creators can use the evidence provided by Protectors and the evidence of validation to form a package of proof against infringing parties. UREEQA will provide the infrastructure for Creators to issue demand letters, collect payments, and otherwise remedy situations with infringing parties.

“The NFT industry is exposed to the same piracy and copyright threats that have plagued the digital music and movie industry for a long time,” said Harsch Khandelwal, CEO of UREEQA. “ UREEQA is an opportunity to stop copyright infringement in its tracks and provide an entire infrastructure as well as checks and balances system that will help move NFTs from trendy to trusted.” 

With the UREEQA MVP platform launch on June 30, users get a chance to submit their work into free staking pools where the community can vote on which creation will be Responsibly Minted™. Creators whose work is nominated can enter their work into a pool for private sponsorship or pay to enter into the public beta. Those who are interested in joining the public beta can visit the Platform page at UREEQA.com and register as a Creator, Validator or even both. 

For more information, please visit the official UREEQA website, join the Telegram group or follow them on Twitter

UREEQA (https://www.ureeqa.com/) is a blockchain-based platform dedicated to building a robust Package of Proof for minting validated NFTs that represent creative rights. Creators can securely upload and store their content on UREEQA and submit their content to the UREEQA Premium Protected Collection for added protection. An NFT will be minted for each creation that is validated on UREEQA and it will serve as the creator’s immutable claim to their work. Each NFT will be tied to a creator’s Package of Proof stored on the blockchain, which will document authenticity and ownership. 

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