UTEC Survey

Reliability in any condition

With the east coast offshore oil and gas industry representing a significant portion of the country’s vital resource, UTEC Survey opened an office in Mount Pearl, N.L. in April to play an active role in this success. The company is partner to some of the industry’s biggest players, offering cost-effective sub-sea survey solutions, backed with proven global experience.

A global leader in the independent offshore survey industry, UTEC Survey provides a wide range of survey services including dimensional control, laser scanning and modelling, offshore positioning, construction support, geophysical and geotechnical surveys. With offices in Houston, Aberdeen, Calgary, Perth, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro and now St. John’s, UTEC Survey’s focus on delivering innovative survey solutions onshore and offshore in all water depth is going to augment the burgeoning offshore oil and gas industry on the east coast.

“There is a good number of Canadian staff working around the globe at UTEC Survey and this is a good opportunity to bring some Canadians home to work,” says Cory Goodyear, Manager of Atlantic Canada. “Our main hub of activity has been the Gulf of Mexico. All of our Canadian staff worked out of our Calgary office on assignment around the world. With the amount of activity with offshore expansion projects Hibernia, White Rose, Terra Nova (and in anticipation of Hebron), UTEC Survey felt it would be a good move to open an office here to get in on these great opportunities and projects.”

In a statement, Dave Ross, UTEC Survey’s Senior Vice-President and General Manager of the Americas, added “There are significant business opportunities for UTEC Survey along the Canadian Atlantic coast, and we see this area as offering considerable growth potential. Our new regional center in Mount Pearl, near St. John’s, will allow us to more rapidly respond to clients’ needs in the region, while taking advantage of UTEC Survey’s existing pool of qualified and talented professionals already based in and around Newfoundland.”

Within two weeks of opening its doors, UTEC Survey secured work on the massive Hibernia gas lift project. The company offers a gamut of marine survey services, including pre-engineering geophysical, geotechnical and metocean services, industrial measurement and so on, employing the most advanced equipment and experienced technicians. Goodyear says UTEC Survey offers fabrication services as well in terms of industrial measurement and dimensional control.

“With our personnel and experience and competitive pricing, we are very pleased with the contracts we have already obtained. We want to bring our talented engineers and tradesmen and women home and use their knowledge here. There are other survey companies here but I think, in terms of our experience, we have a leg up on them.”

The oil and gas industry in general has enabled Newfoundlanders coming out of college to work at home in the province. “The more activity we are seeing here allows more of these folks are able to stay at home. Money is being kept here which is great, and the economic boom is being felt all around the province in general.”

Consistent and precise

“Our clients require precise alignment dimensional control surveys of large scale modules and piping—they come to UTEC Survey to ensure as they are building their module that everything remains dimensionally correct.”

The precision that can be achieved is fascinating. UTEC Survey’s advanced subsea acoustic positioning equipment, interfaced with a suite of survey sensors, will send back positional data of the robotic vehicle, thereby assisting clients in achieving their goal in getting their assets located correctly on the seabed.

According to the company, “UTEC Survey is highly experienced in providing geophysical services from vessels that our clients or UTEC Survey supply, using the most advanced sensors and data recording systems. Additionally, we undertake pre-engineering surveys from high-precision autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV).”

“That is our other area of expertise—the offshore component,” says Goodyear. “We typically provide subsea mapping, subsea construction services whereby a client would ask us to help them position their structures, pipelines, subsea manifolds any subsea structure on the sea bed within a specified tolerance. We help them achieve their goals by helping them layout their design from paper to the real world.”