Valdor Technologies

Tech Spotlight

This month, we’d like to introduce you to Valdor technologies, creators of low-cost, innovative fibre optics products. With company headquarters in Vancouver, BC, Valdor is making waves in the fibre optics industry.

According to the company website:  “Valdor is committed to innovative fibre optic products and state of the art technologies. We fully support our customers from product design and development to large scale production. Our technology and proprietary processes continue to advance to meet our customers’ needs for quality products in a timely manner. Our sensitivity to our customers translates into a true partnership.”

The company’s mission is to penetrate emerging markets in fibre optic components and modules by leveraging its breakthrough IMPACT MOUNT™ Technology (IMT). Valdor is a publicly traded company trading under TSX.V: VTI.

Valdor creates its Impact Mount™ Technology all-metal-epoxyless field termination connectors, mechanical splices, and installation kits for an industry that has been forecast to grow to $3.4 billion next year. According to ElectroniCast Consultants, the global market for connectors and mechanical splices is projected to grow immensely. According to the company, its connectors, mechanical splices, and installation kits have “major advantages in both established and emerging fibre optic markets…additionally, Valdor’s patented IMT connectors are the only connectors suitable for many applications in the fibre optics industry.”

CBJ plans to speak with Mr. Elston Johnston, P.Eng., who was recently appointed to the Board of Directors, in an exclusive interview to appear in August.
The specs

Impact Mount™ Technology is a radial compression fit of a ductile metal around a cylindrical glass surface. The need to metallize optical fibre is eliminated by Impact Mount™ Technology (IMT). The IMT is a unique, patented design that assures reliable terminations time after time by securing the glass fibre within the metal ferrule. This illustration depicts the single fibre ferrule IMT process. Attachment of metal ferrules to the fibre(s) occurs in one fast mechanical action. This action, called the impact, occurs between the stripped fibre and the ferrule using a precision impact mount die. The IMT connectors/ferrules are made from various metal alloys, the most common types being stainless steel and copper-nickel. The main body of the connector can be all-metal or constructed with glass-reinforced polymer. For a single fibre operation, the result easily creates a hermetic seal between the fibre and the ferrule.