Vancouver Box Manufacturer Discusses Corrugated Vs. Cardboard

RICHMOND, BC–(Marketwired – March 15, 2018) – Every industry has its own confusing terminology. As Vancouver box manufacturers, the team at Racer Boxes deal with one of the most prevalent — corrugated vs cardboard. In a new blog, they explain the differences between these two very distinct products. For more, go to:

Simply put, a corrugated box has a three-layer substrate — the outside layer, inside layer, and the fluting between. In fact, the name corrugated actually comes from this corrugated medium, which increases the strength and durability of the box as a whole. In other words, corrugated cardboard (or corrugated carton) are the sort of boxes used for moving.

The confusion comes in when people refer to “cardboard boxes” in general. While it’s meant as a shorthand for corrugated cardboard (or carton)-plain cardboard actually refers to a thin paper-board like material, such as a cereal box.

Understanding the difference between corrugated cardboard (or carton) and plain, regular cardboard, is very helpful for clients who have precise needs when it comes to packaging and shipping.

Racer Boxes manufactures a wide range of corrugated cardboard (or carton) boxes. From food boxes to garment boxes, there’s something for every industry and purpose. Moreover, the team at Racer Boxes always goes the extra mile to accommodate clients who need customization and printing.

For high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes that are manufactured with high-precision machinery in Richmond BC, Racer Boxes offers both standard and customizable sizes. Learn more about their wholesale pricing and customizable delivery options at (604) 270-8205 or [email protected].

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Founded in 1991 by two Hong Kong immigrants, Racer Boxes began as a printing service in Richmond before evolving into the reputable and successful box company it is today. As manufacturers of all types of boxes-moving boxes, storage boxes, and shipping boxes-Racer Boxes has demonstrated real outside-the-box thinking. They’ve expanded their product line to cater to the food and fashion industry by creating special boxes for seafood packaging, display, and other specialty niches. Their office is located at 5700 Cedarbridge Way in Richmond, British Columbia.

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