Vancouver Carpet Cleaner Offers Tips to Prolong the Life of Carpets

VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – January 25, 2018) – As a seasoned Vancouver carpet cleaner, Angelo Di Pomponio knows that carpets undergo incredible wear and tear. Cleaning carpets regularly is a must to keep businesses and homes looking spectacular. However, a new blog on the FabriClean website explains that cleaning and maintenance can go a long way towards prolonging the life and beauty of a carpet. For more, go to:

According to the article, regular maintenance can double the lifespan of a carpet. The main culprit is tiny particles of dirt, which not only dulls colour and appearance but can shred carpet fibres.

To prevent this, regular vacuuming can be tremendously helpful. For high traffic areas, the blog recommends vacuuming at least twice a week. Use long, slow passes with the vacuum in these areas. In addition, it helps to invest in a mat outside the home. The less dirt that get in, the better and longer carpets will last.

The other big problem is, of course, staining. Even if a carpet is in relatively good shape, a large stain can be a major bother and mandate a carpet change. The good news is most stains can be remedied — if they aren’t set.

If a spill occurs, it’s important to remove it as quickly as possible. “Most stains can be removed just by applying water and pressing it dry with a cloth over and over until the stain is gone. Beware of rubbing or scrubbing, which can drive the stain deeper into carpet fibres.”

Finally, the blog recommends that it’s a good idea to perform professional carpet cleaning at least once a year. Professional grade equipment has the power and capacity to extract the dirt from deep carpet fibres, meaning carpets will be cleaner and last longer. For a free quote on upholstery and carpet cleaning services, contact the team at Angelo’s FabriClean.

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