Vancouver Language Translation Agency Explains Language Variants

VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – November 22, 2017) – Vancouver translation agency shares when it’s necessary to invest in two versions of the same language

As a Vancouver language translation company, the team at APlus Translations understand that the same language can vary around the world. For example, a client that requires a French translation may need two-one for Quebec and one for France.

For a variety of historical and cultural reasons, language tends to evolve over time. It adopts the quirks and peculiarities of its region and for that reason the same language in a different country should be treated as separate entities.

A good language translation can help with that. For example, if a client requests a French translation, a professional agency should inquire about the region the translation will be used in and advise accordingly. They will need to hire a translator who’s a native of the area to provide a truly authentic interpretation. In other words, if a company is trying to appeal to French Canadians, the person translating their literature had better be one!

A regional translator will be able to interpret meaning in a way that fits the idiosyncrasies and flow of the translation. A literal translation is rarely the way to go, as it will often sound unnatural and stilted.

As a Vancouver-based translation service, APlus Translations understands that hiring a freelance translator can be a tempting prospect. In many ways, it can seem like a more economical option that affords greater control of the translation process.

However, a professional translation agency can be surprisingly competitive, especially when one considers the full process involved. From drafts to editing, a translation agency can help deliver fast, accurate work-and prevent the possibility of costly or embarrassing mistakes.

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