Vancouver Moving Company Offer Tips for Handling Large Appliances

VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – July 13, 2017) – Moving is never easy. As a Vancouver-based moving company, the team at Ferguson Moving & Storage understand that the best way to facilitate a smooth transition from place to place is through planning and preparation. Some of the most common questions they get concern how to move large and ungainly items. To help everyone understand what’s involved, they’ve published a blog about how to move the trickiest of large-scale appliances-the deep freezer! For more, go to:

According to the blog, the first step is to have a plan for the food first. It’s not possible to move a freezer with food inside-not only does it add to the weight, movers won’t carry food. And, of course, freezer food has no shelf life. If the move is short, it’s possible to use coolers filled with ice and drive the supplies to your new home yourself. If you can get dry ice, that may last longer. However, the best option is to simply eat up as much of your stores as possible!

The next step is to unplug, defrost, and clean the freezer. It’s best to check the manufacturer’s website to know how long the process will take. According to the internet, the defrosting process can range from 6 to 24 hours, depending on the model. If the freezer has frost around its sides, it’s best to remove it to avoid any puddling a few hours later. Use a non-toxic cleaner and give it a good wipe to avoid surprise bacteria growth.

The last step when moving a freezer is to tie it up and pad it up. A good moving company will be able to assist with this. It’s important to ensure the door doesn’t swing during the move. Try to keep the unit upright, because there are liquids that need to stay in place to keep the freezer working.

The blog concludes that it’s always best to call a local moving company when help is needed to avoid damaging your possessions-or yourself. Ferguson Moving & Storage has been serving Vancouver since 1913. They offer free estimates and an attitude that’s designed to “lift your expectations.” Call them at 604-922-2212 for more information.

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