Vehicle Service Contract Leader, CarSure(TM), Launches New Website

AUSTIN, TX–(Marketwired – Apr 19, 2017) – Vehicle service contract provider, CarSure™, has recently launched a new website to make it easier for drivers to get the vehicle repair coverage they need. Users can review frequently asked questions, peruse a glossary with popular terms and phrases in the industry, and receive a free quote.

Vehicle owners typically sign up for the manufacturer warranty associated with their car’s model. While this contract term can vary, usually from 3 years to 5 years, once it expires, drivers are left paying out of pocket for repairs.

Through CarSure’s modern, online design, the company makes it easy for people to learn about their options for vehicle repair coverage even after their original manufacturer warranty is no longer valid.

“Our goal is to make drivers feel like they have options. We all know how expensive car repairs can be. With a vehicle service contract, more people are able to budget for the inevitability of future breakdowns, making it easier on their finances — not to mention their stress levels,” says Ryan Summers, Director of Sales.

CarSure’s website design also allows users to glance through sample plans to get an idea of what kind of coverage is available. All plans are customizable based on a person’s make, model, and year of car. And certain plans are designed for specific vehicle needs, such as high mileage or older vehicles.

“The site is focused on helping secure the right vehicle service contract, but also about educating the consumer about what might be the most cost-effective solution for them down the road,” adds Summers.

About CarSure

It is CarSure’s practice to help consumers protect against unexpected car repair bills by providing the right vehicle service contract at the right price. CarSure understands that even though purchasing repair coverage for a vehicle is a smart decision, it can be a difficult one. That’s why the company makes it a point to educate its customers on each plan that’s available. It is CarSure’s belief that the better a consumer understands their coverage plans and rights, as well as their responsibilities, the better their experience. For more information, visit