Verreault Construction

Business of building

Montreal-based Verreault Construction is one of the Canada’s largest engineering construction firms. Founded in 1927, the company has grown rapidly over its 85 year history. In fact, in 2008, Verreault Construction joined forced with another local construction firm, Dessau Inc., which operates both domestically and internationally.

Verreault Construction attributes its success over the years to its staff, noting that because of its employees’ drive, know-how, and talent for innovation, the company has stood apart from the competition and has “carved out an enviable reputation for the quality of its services.”

Company history

In 1927, Joseph-Edouard Verreault began Verreault Construction as a general contracting firm. As the company grew, it began to work more and more projects and, by the 1950s, Verreault Construction became involved in government projects and institutional jobs, involved in the construction of hospitals and schools, which has notably proven to be key to the growth of Verreault Construction.

Innovation has also been critical to the success of Verreault Construction over its history. In the 1970s, senior managers with Verreault Construction learned specialized training in order to perform modern project planning and construction management techniques which were becoming more in demand in the construction industry. This education then allowed the company to take on not only additional projects, but larger projects in size.

Following, Verreault Construction completed two major assignments in project management and construction management, namely the Edifice du Revenu in Saint-Foy, Que., a $55 million project. Verreault Construction was also involved in the expansion of Québec City’s renowned Colisee de Québec, an arena which served as the home of hockey’s defunct Québec Nordiques team up until 1996. This expansion was an estimated $23 million project for the company. In the process of these two projects, Verreault Construction’s website notes that the company became a “pioneer and leader in construction management” during this time.

The following decade, the 1980s saw Verreault Construction build on its momentum, as it completed several projects across the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors totaling more than $3 billion by 2007.

Service offerings

Verreault Construction provides a variety of specialized construction services, including general contracting, project management, construction management, and turn-key projects serving the commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors.

With offices in the province’s two major hubs of Montreal and capital Québec City, Verreault Construction has a presence across the province which has allowed the company to cover more territory in its service offering. More extensively, the service offerings of Verreault Construction also includes: integrated solutions (including, engineering procurement construction management (EPCM), engineering procurement construction (EPC, turn-key), as well as Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)).

Verreault Construction also offers services in commissioning, value analysis and economic studies, process equipment installation, startup and training, multi-disciplinary project management, project cost estimate and cost control, schedule planning and control, procurement, project financing, contract administration, project management assistance, and facility operation.

As for Verreault Construction’s company philosophy, its website reads, “Verreault’s philosophy is firmly rooted in respect for its clients, partners, human resources, and suppliers and in a partnership approach.

“For more than three-quarters of a century, this value has been sustained thanks to the quality of the dedication of the men and women who continue to ensure the company’s reputation and client service and drive its growth and success.”

Core values have also contributed to the history of success at Verreault Construction. Values of “honesty, integrity, and business transparency” play a key role in Verreault Construction’s long-term success.


The company notes that its construction accomplishments, particularly over the past 30 years, are diverse. Over this time, Verreault Construction’s expertise has seen the company complete projects in the commercial sector, in addition to expansion, renovation, and restoration projects. Projects across private enterprises, government bodies, universities and educational institutions, religious institutions and communities, and municipalities represent the “diversity, scope, and quality” of Verreault Construction’s services.

Projects have seemingly covered all areas, including hospitals, research centres, office buildings, food processing, pharmaceutical and paper manufacturing facilities, shopping centres and superstores, court houses, airports and airport terminals, laboratories, residence buildings, community halls, schools and libraries, museums, chapels, sports facilities, police stations, and more.

Today, the company remains focused major projects with VIA Rail and Montreal’s Concordia University, as well as an expansion project with the Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport.

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