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Expanding scope to enhance worldwide customer service

Vesuvius is a dynamic company developing products and solutions as well as service provision in the molten metal, glass and renewable energy industries for customers worldwide.

The Vesuvius group has built on its core values rooted in customer service since the company was founded in 1916. The business model is simple: to maintain a strong and reliable business model providing customers cost reduction, process security and quality enhancement. The company says that “working effectively with customers and respecting their values, Vesuvius is committed to safety, environmental management and energy conservation.”

The Vesuvius Group has 10,000 employees and 70 manufacturing plants, spanning 40 countries globally. Throughout its tenure, the company has acquired smaller companies in order to strengthen its position in the market, and most recently acquired Foseco in 2008 in order to enlarge its scope.

Services and scope

Vesuvius operates in four main areas: iron and steel, foundry, fused silica, and industrial processes. The fused silica division supplies silica products used in primary glass fabricating, glass forming, heat treatment, specialty steel and photovoltaic industries.

The company says that in addition to its capacity for international manufacturing, it has an “extensive amount of technical expertise to support our existing market segments as well as to assist in developments of new solutions for applications such as thin film coating systems, diffusion furnaces, and crystal fusion.”

In the iron and steel category, Vesuvius provides customers with a full range of products, systems, and services to meet customer needs. This product line includes:

Isostatically-pressed alumina graphite consumable products

Slide gate systems and refractories

Continuous temperature measurement instruments

Process automation

Lining materials

Pre-cast insulating materials

Metallurgical powders

Tundish furniture

Purging systems

Radar-slag detection

Vesuvius is committed to expert service in the industrial processes area of their business. The company’s linings division provides products and services that, according to the company, “enable our customers’ plant to withstand the effects of extreme temperatures, erosion and chemical attack.” The company’s goal is to provide value through reducing the overall operating cost for its customers. “This is achieved through a family of products that provide ease in application and rapid drying to minimize downtime,” the company states, as well as through service from highly developed field service teams, who have specialized expertise.

The introduction of Foseco

Foseco was added to the Vesuvius business with a history in the metals industry that goes back 75 years. The company is “acknowledged as a world leader in the supply of consumable products for use in the foundry industry,” states the Vesuvius website.  Foseco foundry products are delivered in consultation with the foundry division’s application engineers, and can produce very significant economic benefits to customers “through improved process capacity, yield and efficiency.”

Vesuvius states, “The performance, quality and reliability of Foseco’s product ranges, together with the input of the division’s technical staff working alongside customers’ process engineers, are fundamental to the division’s reputation as a world leading supplier of foundry consumables.”

Safety and environment

Vesuvuis’ commitment to excellence doesn’t end at a variety of high-end products and customer service. The company is committed to safety and the environment as well, and considers these aspects to be critical to its success.

François Wanecq, Vesuvius CEO and President, said recently about the company’s safety initiatives, “We launched this year a major initiative to achieve a step chance in our health and safety performance within our group called Safety Breakthrough. The aim of this plan is to raise the awareness of everybody in the company about the pre-eminence of safety in all our daily actions. We want to reach the level of the best performance in the world in terms of safety at work. In this plan, we have put a special emphasis on the situation of our employees who work at customers’ locations. We aim to involve in the program our customers and contractors to make sure we are not exposing our respective employees to dangerous situations.”

Under the environment umbrella, Vesuvius’ considerations for the environment to be part of the company’s core values. “Vesuvius is committed to exploring all reasonable opportunities to apply environmental strategies and policies in close cooperation with customers and suppliers. Successful integration of environmental management into business processes, through waste reduction and energy savings, provides economic and business benefits, as well as environmental benefits.” The company supplies filters for casting windmill turbines, products for making solar panels, and is committed to developing a renewable energy supply.