VETS Canada receives funding to support LGBTQ2 Veterans

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, Aug. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — VETS Canada is an organization that embraces diversity and inclusivity. VETS Canada believes it is important to ensure all Veterans who are in crisis receive the support they need, including those in traditionally marginalized groups such as: racialized, Indigenous, lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, queer and persons with disabilities. Of the thousands of Veterans that VETS Canada has assisted over the years, they are aware that many of those are LGBTQ2 – many whom were affected by the LGBT Purge. It is in that vein and through generous funding from the LGBT Purge Fund, that VETS Canada is embarking on a new initiative. The aim is to raise awareness of the fact that there are people who are LGBTQ2+ among the Veteran population and that VETS Canada is here to provide immediate support to those who are in need in an open and welcoming manner.
With this funding, VETS Canada has hired a qualified, part-time staff person from the LGBTQ2 community who will be based out of their Ottawa Drop-in Support Centre to provide in person support to LGBTQ2 Veterans accessing the Centre. This staff person would also be tasked with providing support remotely via telephone, FaceTime/Skype/Zoom, email, text, etc. to Veterans across the country who identify themselves as LGBTQ2.Additionally, VETS Canada is developing a marketing campaign aimed to inform the LGBTQ2 Veteran population that help is available.Quotes“VETS Canada has always been an organization that values diversity and inclusivity which is why we are very grateful to the LGBT Purge Fund for this generous funding that allows us to shine a spotlight on the fact that we understand there are unique challenges faced by Veterans who identify as LGBTQ2 and we are here to help,” says Debbie Lowther, VETS Canada Co-founder & CEO.“The LGBT Purge Fund is pleased to be able to provide funding for this project to support LGBTQ2 Veterans. VETS Canada is there for ALL veterans who need a hand. VETS Canada will meet the needs of those LGBTQ2 Veterans in crisis who have served their country but have not always had access to services or been treated with dignity and respect. VETS Canada is a welcoming, respectful and safe space for all who need them,” says Michelle Douglas; Executive Director, LGBT Purge Fund.About VETS Canada:
VETS Canada, a national charity and service provider of Veterans Affairs Canada, is the largest 24/7 Canadian organization dedicated to addressing the emergency needs of homeless and in-crisis Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP. With hundreds of dedicated volunteers who are primarily Veterans or still-serving military members, VETS Canada relies on a unique model of peer support to provide life-saving aid in response to thousands of requests for assistance since 2010.About LGBT Purge Fund:The LGBT Purge Fund was established in 2018. It is a not-for-profit organization that exists to advance reconciliation and memorialization projects relating to the “LGBT Purge”. The LGBT Purge was a period of time in Canada, between the 1950s and 1990s, when thousands of people in the federal public servants, RCMP and Canadian Armed Forces were systematically discriminated against, harassed, and often fired based on their sexual orientation. Learn more at Information:Name: Debbie Lowther 
Position: VETS Canada Co-founder/CEO
Phone number: (902) 441 – 9197
Email: [email protected]
Name: Michelle Douglas
Position: LGBT Purge Fund Executive Director
Email: [email protected]

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