Standout window and door manufacturer celebrates 20 years of success

“Quality, performance and industry-leading warranty.”  We asked Peter Greco, President of Vinylguard Window and Door Systems what has led to this occasion, and his answer is direct and assured. The aforementioned occasion, the reason that the Canadian Business Journal has sought out Greco, is the upcoming twentieth anniversary of the family-owned company, a company which has grown to compete with the largest manufacturers in Canada and win, never veering from a assiduous customer service and quality program.

Vinylguard Window & Door Systems Ltd. is a proud Canadian manufacturer of premium vinyl windows that set the standard for excellence in the window industry today. The company provides a window line that is Energy Star Compliant, CSA Certified, and Window Wise Accredited, and all its vinyl extrusions are made of 100 per cent lead free unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC).

Prescience pays off

Through its two decades, Vinylguard has quietly expanded and grown to become one of the most respected manufacturers of windows and doors in Woodbridge, Ontario, the Canadian capital of window and door manufacturing.  1991 was the company’s first year when brothers Peter and Mike Greco, both with extensive roots in insulated glass manufacturing, glazing applications and insulated glass requirements specifically, had the prescience to predict the boom in vinyl windows for residential needs. Vinyl was starting to overtake traditional wood, aluminum and fiberglass products for the advantages it offers in terms of cost, energy efficiency, installation and maintenance.

“Vinyl is the preferred medium for residential windows,” says Peter Greco. “One of the well-known advantages of vinyl windows is the superior degree of insulation and longevity.” Canadians have more than enough reason to concern themselves with insulation, of course, and Vinylguard window and door systems were embraced by many of the developers working in the rapidly growing area.

What set the company apart from its onset was the company’s alignment with premium Canadian suppliers for all materials, as well as optimum fabrication standards, recommended by the suppliers, of which were never compromised.  According to Laura Weil, Sales Manager for the company, these factors also generated a full support relationship with the suppliers that Vinylguard aligned with.

The company consisted of a modest manufacturing team and a 12,000 square foot facility in North York.  Peter and Mike Greco were the driving force in sales and marketing initiatives with the support of their family members Roberta Greco and Dolores Greco, running the accounting and administrative roles from within the facility.

At this point, Vinylguard was on its way to developing relationships with key supportive customers with the majority of sales efforts were conducted on the periphery of the Greater Toronto Area with clients spanning Quebec through to western Ontario.

Vinylguard went to great lengths to make good on its vows of quality, performance and industry-leading warrantee, with the single most contributing component of fulfilling that vow being the decision to manufacture its products within Canada. The benefits of doing so have been many.  Strict and stringent standards put in place by government agencies ensure the highest level of performance from the products, and the benefits to the larger economy are also worth celebrating.
Whether a project is replacement, renovation, or new construction, Vinylguard can provide attractive, energy efficient products of only the highest quality. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by the outstanding Lifetime Warranty, which promises 100 per cent coverage on all parts, workmanship, and labour, fully transferable and non pro-rated.

Team Canada

“We are a Canadian company and we support the Canadian economy,” says Greco, proudly. “The components are all manufactured and distributed here, in what is known as the ‘window hot bed of Ontario’.  Quality is more consistent and of a higher grade when manufactured here, so as far as we are concerned, there is no alternative.”

“A lot of our suppliers are North American suppliers in this area,” adds Weil. “Most of the suppliers of our components are within a few blocks of our facility. We have a tight and close relationship with our suppliers and they are the ones who help us generate standards to which we manufacture.  It has been ideal to be geographically close and have a community relationship.”

An outside observer might have been able to measure the growing relationships between suppliers and Vinylguard by the company’s growing factories. Over the years, the company’s facilities have almost tripled in size, culminating in the 35,000 square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Woodbridge. There, vinyl casement, awning, single and double sliders and double sliders and single hung and double hung windows, complete with a vast selection of decorative glass types, premium colour finishes, interior and exterior accessories and  premium hardware sections are made, as well as the  distribution of complimenting patio door and entry door systems.

“The consumer is becoming more aware of quality and performance in windows and door products,” says Greco. “Through consumer awareness we have increased the quality of the product and the performance and the return on investment. The result is the consumer becoming more and more aware and appreciative of those factors.”

Industry-leading warranty

To comply with the standards of its customers, all of the Vinylguard products manufactured and distributed come with the Vinylguard Lifetime Warranty.  This warranty was developed over the years as confidence in the products produced was becoming more and more apparent.  The evolution of proven performance was becoming known in the industry through the people and companies that Vinylguard had aligned with.

Vinylguard’s warranty includes full coverage on the vinyl components, sealed glass units, hardware, weather stripping, all moving parts and workmanship. It is fully transferable (non-prorated) and what sets the Vinylguard warranty apart is that all labour as well as materials required are included in the warranty coverage.  The depth of the Vinylguard warranty is unparalleled, providing the company another advantage in the marketplace.

“Our warranty is the best in the industry; its lifetime and covers 100 per cent on labour and material. We have to completely satisfy the consumer and by doing so, generate referral business,” says Greco.

The future belongs to family

The future planning for Vinylguard involves key personnel in the business.  Peter Greco’s son JR (Peter) Greco, holds the Operations Manager title and has been involved with the company for 14 years.  Mike Greco’s son; David Greco is also integral to the company’s future as he recently obtained an Honours BA in Marketing.   With multiple members of the family participating in the company growth, the direction of the company’s future is clear.

Greco’s reflection on his two decades of success culminates to this:  it’s not hard to do good business. Good service and quality fosters good business.  It’s doesn’t hurt to say ‘yes’ to your customers.  By producing a stand out product and understanding the trust that goes into servicing what is most people’s most precious investment, Greco has grown to be one of Canada’s outstanding medium-sized businesses.