Vistek – Canada’s largest, professional one-stop photo, video and digital imaging store


CBJ Company of the Year Award Nomination

Vistek earned its top spot in the 2010 Company of the Year awards by broadening its horizon. The photography, video and digital imaging expert not only serves the photography industry, it hones it.

What started as a labour of love for President Ron Silverstein in 1976 now reaches across the country, with stores filled with everything to fulfill your photographic genius.

“We have broadened enormously,” Silverstein told us in 2010, adding that the stores now carry 15,000 different products. “I had a feeling as a young photographer there were vendors in town who didn’t have the knowledge to support me as a young, commercial photographer, which is what Vistek now provides. Everyone at the Vistek sales counter has either real photo or video experience or has been trained at college. That creates the personality of Vistek.”

Besides a healthy business model, Vistek is recognized for its exemplary customer service. It has a large rental component to accommodate photographers who need a special product for a specific shoot, and the company regularly goes to great lengths to help its customers beyond that.

For instance, if you were like a recent customer who wished to do a multi-camera type shot and you needed 36 Canon cameras at once, it is very likely Vistek will drain their stock and to help make this happen, as they did for this specific customer. “This,” says Silverstein, “is the type of thing a regular photography shop wouldn’t do. They wouldn’t have that type of customer asking to do it either.”

To continue fostering new and developing talent and creating communities for professional photographers and videographers, in June 2010, Vistek organized the first annual ProFusion 2010 Pro Video Expo, the first and only video expo and trade show of its kind in Canada.

ProFusion 2011 built on the success of the inaugural event, drawing in close to 80 exhibitors from all areas of the photography industry.