VOSKER Launches the V300 Ultimate – No Power? No Wi-Fi? No Problem!

Montreal. Canada, Sept. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Montreal, Canada – VOSKER, a pioneer in remote security solutions unveils its newest product, the V300 Ultimate; a rugged cellular-connected security camera that provides on-demand live video streaming for immediate viewing, motion-activated video recording with instant notifications and cloud management and storage all without requiring any wires or Wi-Fi.

Designed to help users safeguard what’s important to them, whether it’s their construction sites, commercial properties, equipment, parking lots, farms, marinas, or vacation homes, the V300 Ultimate provides unmatched mobility and autonomy. Unlike traditional security cameras, VOSKER’s remote camera solution can operate in locations without Wi-Fi or electricity, as it only needs a 4G LTE cellular network for connectivity. As a result, customers can secure their assets anywhere that’s required.

VOSKER’s remote security turnkey solutions enable immediate security and peace of mind for its customers.  VOSKER cameras can be installed anywhere, anytime, moved as needed, and with easy activation and management. They are pre-enabled with integrated SIM cards, and customers can choose the fixed rate plan that meets their needs and budget – no data overages surprises,” said Thomas Fehr, Senior Product Director.

The biggest advantage of the V300 Ultimate is its autonomy.  The combination of the camera and the included solar power bank delivers a minimum of six months of autonomy.  You can rest assured that you have the seasonal coverage needed for your remote security at your cottage, property, farm, construction site, or any other remote location where traditional security systems cannot be installed. Moreover, the mobility of the Vosker solution allows easy transportation between locations, making it perfect for people with multiple properties or needing to monitor different locations periodically.

With the V300 Ultimate, we want to offer a complete solution to our customers for remote security in places where Wi-Fi or electricity is not available,” said Maurice Vaillancourt, VOSKER’s Marketing Vice President. He ads “The camera is very user-friendly, offers great autonomy, and is perfect for those seeking a solution for security in hard-to-reach locations.”

The V300 Ultimate is also supported by an updated version of the VOSKER app, with an updated look and feel and intuitive navigation. The app provides an integrated gallery view, allowing customers to access the latest activity detected by all their VOSKER cameras. This feature makes it easier for users to monitor their assets and stay on top of any security alerts from their mobile phones.


VOSKER is a Canadian company that develops and manufactures cellular-based surveillance systems for remote monitoring applications. Founded in 2018, VOSKER is committed to providing innovative, reliable, and sustainable solutions that enable its customers to protect their assets and monitor their environments from anywhere in the world. For more information, visit www.vosker.com.


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