Walter Surface Technologies

Making customers work better

Walter Surface Technologies lives by its slogan, “Making our customers work better.” Beginning in 1952, the Montreal-based company offers high quality industrial tools to a niche manufacturing market. Founded by German-born Walter Somers, the company and its product line is backed by the combination of European workmanship and know-how to produce market superior, long-lasting products.

High quality product offering

Quality is the key to Walter Surface Technologies products. Operating across the industrial manufacturing sector, Walter Surface Technologies offers a unique value proposition to the market. As a dealer to retailers, Walter Surface Technologies serves as a business-to-business company, offering industrial products to manufacturing companies involved in the construction of machinery, metallic structures, and parts. Serving a diverse customer base covering several areas of the industrial manufacturing sector, Walter Surface Technologies supplies a wide selection of tools, grinders, and products.

But perhaps what makes the company most unique is its focus on its customers’ success. This month, Patrick Lapointe, Vice-President of Marketing with Walter Surface Technologies, spoke with The Canadian Business Journal about the exciting product lineup of Walter Surface Technologies and how the company works to offer only the best to its diverse client base.

Success through the customer

“If you buy Walter, you will have products that are more productive and therefore help you work better,” Lapointe summarized. “We offer a premium quality over what you can find elsewhere.”

The model of Walter Surface Technologies is based on two aspects: mechanical solutions and environmentally conscious solutions. A focus on environmental sustainability has become a major selling point of Walter Surface Technologies in recent years. In fact, the company made a point to be a part of the green wave before others in the market, a point that today serves as part of the competitive edge of Walter Surface Technologies.

“We ensure that we provide innovation to products and services that will help our customers work better and do better at what we do,” Lapointe explained.

“They work faster, have less downtime, and are more efficient overall. Customers are becoming more efficient through less costly equipment that is also better for the environment.”


In 2000, Walter Surface Technologies launched Bio-Circle, an initiative promoting environmental solutions. As one of the first into the “market of the future”, Walter Surface Technologies’ Bio-Circle was a market pioneer.

“At that time, the green wave hadn’t really hit anyone, especially in the industrial world,” Lapointe said. “Everyone was far from environmental impacts and was still using harmful materials. We came up with some greener, safer ways of working in factories worldwide.”

Combining environmental and worker safety, Bio-Circle is revolutionary in ‘making green work’. Using organic, environmentally friendly compounds, Bio-Circle offers efficient products designed to reduce harmful emissions, waste, and operational costs. The company website summarizes its sustainable development initiative: “With the growing concern and legislation over health and environmental issues, businesses today seek new, cost-effective solutions to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds and other environmental toxins without compromising on the productivity of their operations.”

Lapointe added, “Bio-Circle came at the right moment to provide efficient solutions to the workplace with products that would do the same but in a greener, safer way. Instead of working with solvents, it works with micro-organisms. It has become an emerging technology and we’re seeing now that other brands are copying us because of the success of this model.”

The technology retails globally, with representation in North America, Brazil, Europe, Asia, Australia, and across the world.


A new product launch by Walter Surface Technologies, the Zipcut is an ultra-thin cutting wheel disc capable of cutting through metal beams, bars, etc. Fast and free, the popular Zipcut stays true to the environmental message of Walter Surface Technologies in that it requires less power to operate. Widely used through the industrial manufacturing customer base, the Zipcut is among the thinnest cutting wheels offered to the market, the most precise cut measuring 3/64 of an inch. The thin wheel cuts extremely quick with little friction.

This same philosophy toward environmental consciousness was illustrated in the company’s move to a new headquarters. During the tough economic year of 2009, Walter Surface Technologies made the unique move of using this time to improve its corporate efficiencies, first and foremost in increasing its headquarter size. The added capacity and modernized distribution techniques allowed Walter Surface Technologies to hit the ground running once demand returned in the industrial manufacturing sector.

Modernizing through Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) compliance, Walter Surface Technologies has capitalized on available growth opportunities and today reports higher sales than before the recession. The future remains bright with Walter Surface Technologies poised for future growth opportunities.