War tech business innovates Afghan peace goals

OTTAWA, Aug. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A business based in Canada has played a crucial role in Afghanistan’s peace and war efforts by struggling for the last many years. Meladul Haq Ahmadzai CEO of Taleam Systems says that his business has always spoken out for the benefit of peace and an end to the two decades costly war in Afghanistan.
Ahmadzai says, “Peace is what all Afghans want.” He adds, “Taleam Systems has been working hard for real and stable peace in Afghanistan for the last many years.”Recently, the Afghan government signed a law after meeting with the Loya Jirga members in Afghanistan to release 400 Taliban prisoners. The Taliban have been fighting war since 2001 with the USA forces in Afghanistan.In February of this year, the USA and Taliban formally signed a peace agreement to end the two decades war after President Donald Trump promised to formally withdraw from Afghanistan by 2021. A reduction in American forces for the peace in Afghanistan is already underway to 4000 before the USA 2020 elections. Sources in the media assume President Trump’s decision on withdrawing from the Afghan war was due to COVID-19 pandemic. The virus is believed to have been created in China. Today, more than 5 million Americans have contracted the virus.Ahmadzai says, “When peace comes to Afghanistan, the people will live in peace forever.” Ahmadzai refers to the education sector, accessible health, and business opportunities to increase in the country once war ends in Afghanistan.Taleam Systems has also built computer technology without electric power and the technology is available to healthcare workers and medical clinics in Canada and as well around the world.Taleam Systems has been working for peace in Afghanistan and is a tech business in Canada. To learn more about Taleam Systems’ services, visit www.taleamsystems.comMedia Contact:Meladul Haq Ahmadzai
CEO, Taleam Systems
Phone: 613-521-9229

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