Western Potash

Relishing the importance of potash

Since Vancouver-based Western Potash Corp. last spoke with The Canadian Business Journal in 2009, the company has experienced plenty of growth and expansion. Today, Western Potash owns more than 860,000 acres of potash permits and applications in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba and aims to build Canada’s “most efficient” potash solution mine.

“Western Potash Corp. is a junior mining company engaged in the acquisition, evaluation, and exploration of potash mineral properties in Western Canada,” reads the company website. “The objective [of Western Potash] is to define and develop a world class potash deposit, providing its shareholders with a unique opportunity to participate in the blue chip dominated potash mining industry.”

Milestone Potash Project

Committed to developing its Milestone Potash Project, of Saskatchewan, Western Potash aims for ecological sustainability and the best in social responsibility. Part of this objective involves the completion of a positive feasibility study.

Saskatchewan is home to a large, thriving, potash industry—covering more than 40 per cent of global potash trade—with significant potash reserves, more than enough to channel significant global demand for potash.

At its Milestone Potash Project, Western Potash this year announced that, as part of its feasibility study process, a two-well drill program will commence at the Milestone Potash Project. Accordingly, these results are used to update the company’s resource calculation.

At that time, Patricio Varas, President and CEO of Western Potash, said in a statement, “We are pleased to get the feasibility process underway and we are confident that this process will continue to de-risk what management believes to be one of the largest and best Tier 1 potash, greenfield, solution deposits, still available in the world today.”

The following month, Western Potash announced it had signed a memorandum of understanding with the City of Regina, Sask. involving potential water supply options at the Milestone Potash Project, in part with the feasibility study process.

Varas commented, “[Western Potash] is very pleased with the signing of this memorandum of understanding, and the cooperation with the City of Regina. We look forward to realizing the economic and environmental benefits inherent in this type of co-operative approach.”

Additionally, the City of Regina also expressed interest in not only potential water supply options, but also the “operation and maintenance of the water supply system” at the Milestone Potash Project.

“The memorandum of understanding engages Western Potash and the City of Regina to discuss options for upgrading existing facilities and constructing new facilities to the mutual benefit of both the Company and the City,” indicates the Western Potash website.

“Having received a positive Preliminary Economic Assessment at Milestone, Saskatchewan, Western Potash is now proceeding toward the completion of a robust feasibility study.”

Project portfolio in neighbouring Manitoba

The Milestone Potash Project, about 30 kilometres southeast of the Regina, is also located approximately 80 kilometres from Mosaic’s Belle Plaine mining lease, home to one of the world’s largest producing potash solution mines.

Accordingly, Western Potash’s land acquisition program has today secured more than 2,500 acres of preferred plant site location, a critical aspect to the feasibility process at the Milestone Potash Project.

The roots of Western Potash tie to Manitoba, whereby the company was originally formed upon realizing the opportunity to acquire “key prospect ground adjacent to known potash deposits.”

As such, Western Potash’s Russell-Miniota Project of Manitoba lies in the southwest quadrant of the province, bordering Saskatchewan. The 2007-acquired project hosts 545 square kilometres of land, adjacent to BHP Billiton’s lease and Agrium’s Exploration permits, and is within 13 kilometres of Saskatchewan Potash Corp.’s Rocanville potash mine. Additionally, the project utilizes all nearby accessible and necessary infrastructures.

The Western Potash advantage

Western Potash has enjoyed success on a number of fronts. The company has taken a world-class potash resource and put in place technically feasible, financially favourable plans that have already delivered positive scoping study results. Few companies can claim to possess the Saskatchewan Solution Mining Belt’s top potash grades, at lower production costs to boot. Financing is in place to complete the feasibility study, as is regional infrastructure to support an entirely robust project, enjoying solutions mining offering lower capital costs. Put simply, the entire process is on track to culminate in risk reduction and swift start-up, captained by an expert team capable of taking this standout project to fruition.

In the coming years, Western Potash will continue to search for appropriate mineral properties to add its impressive, and growing, potash portfolio.

The company website summarizes, “Our long-term focus in the potash sector is a direct result of the persistent worldwide demand for this unique and vital nutrient.”