What NCWC Inc. Can Do For You & Your Car

OCEAN, NJ–(Marketwired – Apr 17, 2017) – When you purchase a new vehicle, it is common to assume that the included warranty will cover anything that goes wrong with it. This is not the case. An extended service contract from NCWC Inc. can help fill the gaps in your coverage, providing the peace of mind you need at a price you can afford when standard auto warranties just don’t cut it.

Policies sold by NCWC Inc. are administered by Palmer Administrative Services, a market leader with 25 years of experience in the extended auto service field. This experience allows them to offer a range of coverage options, including engine-only coverage on the low end and all-inclusive protection at a higher price point. Their A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau ensures that any claims are paid promptly, sparing you the headache caused by less reputable merchants.

The claims process is as convenient for you as you can imagine. First of all, there is no limit to the number of claims you can make. You simply choose your repair shop and have them contact NCWC Inc. to work out the paperwork. In many cases your chosen mechanic is paid directly, separating you from the claims process altogether. If you are to be reimbursed, payment will arrive in the form of a check or credit card (where applicable).

NCWC Inc.’s service contracts also include added value and benefits beyond a convenient claims process. Your coverage is transferable, increasing your vehicle’s resale value if you decide to sell it during the life of the warranty. You can also receive up to $75 a day to cover meals and accommodations if your vehicle breaks down while you are away from home. Should you find yourself locked out of your vehicle, your coverage includes the services of a professional locksmith. Towing and a car rental are also covered while your vehicle is being repaired.

If your car ever breaks down, you will be happy to know that your extended service contract will mitigate some of the associated costs. All you need to worry about is getting your car fixed, NCWC Inc. will take care of the logistics.

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