Wild Wing

Wild for wings

If you need a reason to go to a Wild Wing restaurant other than for a great time, delicious food, and great drinks, Wild Wing has 101. The popular wing chain has 101 flavours of its award-winning, top quality chicken wings to choose from. Whether you are in the mood for sweet, smokey, or fire alarm-worthy, Wild Wing pleases any appetite.

“You’ll find flavours here that you won’t find anywhere else,” says Ralph Montone, President of Wild Wing. His favourite is the Brown-Eyed Girl, the honey garlic and mystery sauce and dry lemon pepper— Wild Wing has the largest array of dry rubbed wings in the business. “Everybody has wings, but we make it special with all the style, types of wings, the amounts of flavours available. It’s all about fun…food shouldn’t be boring. Everybody has wings but we’ve made it fun with special choices and fun wing flavours that keep you coming back to try your next favourite wing.”

Since the first Wild Wing opened in 1999 in Sunderland, Ont., the philosophy has always been to keep it nice and simple.Wings and Beer—it doesn’t get simpler or more perfect than that. Customers from ages seven to 75 came in droves for takeout or to enjoy the atmosphere, the old-time saloon feel to all Wild Wing restaurants. Since that time, Wild Wing has become one of the fastest-growing family restaurant franchises in Ontario, with the 75th restaurant opening this year.

Montone plans to grow that number to 100 by the end of the year, and 150 by the end of 2012. And with the appetite for the incredible food that number will keep growing.

Behind the company’s success are reliable franchisees who embrace the Wild Wing philosophy and want to deliver the best in service and food to their local customers, who are typically business-minded individuals with a background in marketing with a passion for the hospitality service. Franchisees are supported with monthly visits and internal and external marketing campaigns that make Wild Wing a favourite place for the after-work crowd and the weekend warriors.
Montone also works closely with real estate agents and developers, proving that the most advantageous location is also an ingredient for success.

Of course, the UFC fight with Canadian-born MMA champion George St. Pierre is being heavily promoted. Wild Wing-sponsored two local Ontario UFC fighters, Sean Pierson and Claude Patrick, who appeared in the fight, with the Wild Wing restaurants hosting a contest for its Wednesday all-you-can-eat promotion, giving participants a ballot for free tickets to the sold-out event.

“We have held various Wild Wing contests and promotions with customers, and we are always adding excitement to our menu—always maintaining our core philosophy to keep it simple,” says Montone.

“We want to make products that we do well. We don’t do pizza or hamburgers, because if we don’t do it the best, there is no point in us doing it at all. By keeping it simple we are able to do that.”