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Human Capital Group

Beginning in 2002, WilsonHCG has built a business based on recruitment outsourcing, and finding the best in talent.

Spotting a marketplace opportunity to provide talent to partner companies, John Wilson, CEO of WilsonHCG, noted that the company has had “steady growth” since its founding, up until the economic recession of 2008, which interestingly enough led to further, substantial growth to the company, snowballing to its current hold in the market.

Better People, Better Business™

While the initial reaction to the recession was one of fear for both WilsonHCG and its clients, the company focused on recruiting and building a better employment brand and overall recruitment strategy for organizations during this time, and WilsonHCG escaped most of the negative effects of the recession. Even at the worst point of the economic downturn, companies of all sizes were still hiring, firing, and promoting, and WilsonHCG leveraged its services.

Reads the company website, “While we continue to hear about high rates of unemployment across the country, we have experienced an increase in recruitment demand from our clients to support continued growth, and consulting initiatives to improve processes, operations and outcomes during the downturn.

Organizations may have downsized their recruitment staff and are now faced with the dilemma of how best to address the increase in hiring demands without sufficient staff to support their needs.”

Kim Pope, Director of Business Development with WilsonHCG, noted the company’s industry importance and how it provides the best in recruiting talent.

“Studies show human resource professionals spend 80 per cent of their time on day-to-day operations and typically only seven per cent is spent on strategic function. Our team comes in, partners with them, and helps the employment brand grow and strategically find that top talent.”

WilsonHCG evaluates client goals and objectives through a six-phase cycle in order to achieve success. Wilson commented, “Everything we’re doing is based on results. We believe it is important to have complete transparency and a plan for success. We create our roadmap in conjunction with our client’s goals and objectives. We understand what needs to be accomplished, not only in this project, but in the future. From there, we can build the right strategy to help them execute.”

“Progressive companies strive to pipeline top talent and have top talent work at their organization, but in most cases are unsure how to accomplish this. We work with companies to really optimize their recruitment process and help them achieve their big picture goals.”

Human Capital Consulting

While recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) remains its core business, WilsonHCG also focuses on human capital consulting, promoting employment branding, employment marketing, talent auditing, and due diligence.

Companies use WilsonHCG and their Human Capital Consulting services to provide due diligence and talent audits. This expertise is required in potential mergers and acquisitions deals. Successful acquisitions are achieved by companies working alongside WilsonHCG.

“We’ve had clients hire us to conduct due diligence on a potential company they were going to acquire. Knowing their sophistication levels, from a recruitment standpoint, to what tools they utilize, and the cost and expenses amassed in a potential acquisition,” Wilson said.

Wilson noted the importance that, as an organization grows, talent consulting becomes more critical, as does the ability to understand and measure human capital. “The most important part of any organization is its human capital. The people who work for you, the people who are going to work for you, are the people driving the results.”

Future Goals

WilsonHCG has expanded its North American presence with hubs in Toronto, New York, and its headquarters in Tampa. Such a presence adds to the company’s mission to recruit the best in talent. Wilson said, “Our internal team is located all over North and South America. The philosophy behind our virtual work environment is simple, we knew that top talent was not centralized to one specific location but rather spread out across multiple markets.”

In business for 10 years, WilsonHCG wants to continue that growth into the future. Over the next five years, the company hopes to be as strong in Canada and worldwide as it is in the United States. The goal is to always improve the quality of talent provided to their clients, and that company innovation remains on the cutting-edge of the industry.

“We built this organization mostly on word-of-mouth and through references provided by companies we work with, who know someone who has a talent need,” Wilson summarized. “Being ethical and transparent is extremely important in everything we do, giving us and our client a better place in the market.”