World’s First Mobile App Tailored for Progressive First Nations Communications Hits Major Milestone and Expands Software Offering

EDMONTON, Alberta, May 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Communikit – the world’s first mobile app specifically created to meet the complex and evolving communications needs of progressive First Nations – has hit a milestone amount of users as Canada’s twentieth First Nation community signs on to its use.

Communikit was created by Alberta-based mobile app developers Aivia Design & Technology Engineering to help First Nations reconcile gaps in their communications strategies. Aivia closely consulted with its First Nations clients to identify the ways in which a custom mobile app platform could serve as an effective toolkit to solve issues such as fragmented communications channels, a lack of read receipt-style message verification, and end-user obstacles to reliably receiving information.

The resulting Communikit app platform is a user-friendly suite of communications tools with a comprehensive feature set that includes the ability to post critical information such as news, events and PDFs for public or individual view, the ability to collect signature approvals for PDF documents directly via the app, and the ability to publish custom fillable forms and surveys and collecting responses through the app platform. Communikit is set apart by using push notifications, which allows information to be received instantly by individuals’ mobile devices. It is also set apart through its unique message verification system, which lets administrators know that the communications that have been sent out were received.

The benefits of Communikit to First Nations communities and Aboriginal organizations are numerous, with the primary advantage being a single communications channel for all members, regardless of where they are located. As of 2011, Statistics Canada reports that of those identifying as First Nations people, only a little over a third reside on a reserve with the rest residing across non-reserve rural areas and in urban communities. With Communikit, First Nations members both on and off reserve can easily stay up-to-date with band meetings, application deadlines, job opportunities, health advisories, and community events, no matter where they themselves are physically located.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, distanced communications have become increasingly vital, especially for communities with specialized communications needs. The Communikit platform was designed with the intent of making a real difference in people’s lives by allowing for rapid distribution of information to anyone with a smartphone.

Based on the success of the initial software offering, Aivia plans to release a major upgrade to the Communikit platform in the summer of 2021. Users can anticipate a completely revamped administration panel and user management system, as well as a series of user experience improvements including a fully redesigned dashboard.

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